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You can only organize a total of 50 things before u have to pay $15!!! First off what makes this app so special that it costs literally 5x any other similar app. I mean unless a person has dimentia the 50 freebies dont do that much good. Woulda loved to pay 3 bucks for it, i just deleted and dl'ed handful the comoetitor apps for free and honestly this one doesnt stand out. They are just fine especially to save 13 dollars... Damn shame



At first sight seems very useful. I've only added 2 items so far... I'd like to be able to at least turn the photos 90° and also perhaps crop them if you can manage that.



StuffKeeper has really helped us establish some good habits when it comes to being more organized with all our stuff. The basement was a real nightmare before we began using this app. I can't believe we finally managed to unclutter it.



Great app! Does what it needs to do in a really elegant way. Only things I would like to see added are: sorting alphabetically and maybe some more input fields like "price" and "purchased date" Edit: developers took my feedback into account, really great!!!



I tried a couple of similar apps before and I feel this is by far superior. Mostly they all do the same thing, but Stuffkeeper interface is much better looking and more easy to use. Five stars from me.



I have a lot of stuff in boxes, shelves and in a special room we built just for that but it became heavily disorganized over the years. This app is giving me the opportunity to organize everything efficiently and thus it'll save me a lot of time in the future.



It seems like a nice app, but it doesn't inform you until after you try to add items that you can only add up to 50 unless you pay for premium. This "free" version is a bait and switch imo as it's obviously useless for its intended purpose with that level of restriction. Just be upfront about the actual price if you're so intent on getting people to pay and you don't want to make it ad-supported or with different premium features.



I'm raising this to 3 stars as I saw the response & the tutorial. I am on a Samsung Note9 & the file organization is still super unclear. I can't tell what is a subfolder & what isn't bc of the color choices and stacking on the screen. Is there an option to back up to Amazon vs Google? I won't use Google drive as they are too happy pants to share my files with everyone on my contacts list. Thank you!



Love this app for organizing product in my craft room. It's easy to use and quick. I do wish I could scroll through all the pictures without having to go back to the main page to get to each picture.



The greatest switching app. Everything works automatically without any involvement from my side. It saves a lot of time and effort for me as a driver


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Added: 2020-09-15
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