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Name SS Launcher Extension: apk
Version: 1.0.2 Size: 1.7 MB

Comments on Google play



I like the 'swipe up for music control' feature, but the ability of sorting the apps is still pretty weak.



Launcher is clean simple and nice definitely but there must be some option to customise it...... It has only one customisation option ie colour......there must be more customisation like font size setc...I hope it will be there in next update.....



love your launcher best minimal one ive found so far. the swipe down should be a weather widget or a whichever widget fits kind of thing. also is there a way to hide my phones clock and just use the one you provided?



It was great just some minor bugs, but i think icon support, (widget board optional), hide apps might be a good idea.but we eeally need the icon pack support..thank you.. ohh i almost forgot can u add folders too



This is a very unique launcher with great potential, it could allow apps and widgets to be placed on the home screen for quick access and for customisation.



ive been looking for a simple launcher like thisbgor a while now and this one is very very nice! only reason 4 stars instead of 5 is because it's missing some features but that's expected for a brand new app.



hey..all the best for complete change the app.. actually i am big fan of ss launcher once it launched. ofcourse it's doesn't work in latest models.. but now i think complete change. but i want the themes and launcher settings



It is very impressive launcher I have ever used after microsoft launcher, it has simple but great UI especially app drawer, but the one thing I think it lacks is ability to customise other apps like app menu, app icons, hide apps and lock apps. Please add these features .



I don't really use it, because the default LineageOS launcher works with the crypto widget I do check pretty often, and like being able to change icon sets, but I am sure in time this is going to be about perfect and look forward to its new features so I am giving it a hopeful 5 star to encourage the developer.



Pretty cool launcher and so easy to use but i wish i can change the clock position and the font and i have problem on music player widget is not showing up the name, artist and album name of the music. But still i love this launcher the best!

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