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Songtree - Sing, Jam & Record

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Developer: n-Track Software
Categories: Music and audio
Android version: 1.0+
Size: 48.4 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 20.06.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Songtree is an application that was developed for music production and musical creativity in general. The program can be downloaded for free on your Android device. Here, aspiring and professional musicians can start their professional musical collaboration while recording music at no additional cost.

Application Features

One of the most important features of the program is that it allows you to record sound anytime, anywhere. Probably studio quality sound won't work. However, it's great for taking quick voice notes, discussing an idea, or recording a hilarious riff on an instrument of choice for future reference.

Good sound is achieved not only by recording singing on a good microphone, but also by using additional sound effects that help improve the quality of the melodies. Songtree uses the built-in headset on your iPhone or iPad as a microphone.

Here you can not only create your own track, but also find your audience. Other users can listen to previously created work and even leave comments for the musician - enthusiastic or critical.
In fact, you can engage in creative collaborations by interacting with other musicians and giving each other advice about songs.

You can also add several sound effects to your work. These include tube amplifiers, echo effects, or even compression and acceleration.

An entire track can be edited directly on the audio track - the user can cut it, loop it or work with only a certain part. You can use Songtree with other musicians and develop your music tree by attracting new talent.

Setting up a home studio can cost money, even if it's very simple. You can spend a lot less money if you do it yourself, working through every detail of the sound with your own hands.

This is a great application that will perfectly help a musician with this. If he wants to become a DJ, a famous singer or he already has his own group, it is recommended to try this application.
After using the program for the first time in the future, the user will not even want to give money to a professional studio.

Therefore, it is worth downloading this program, which is absolutely free for Android devices.

Songtree - Sing, Jam & Record for downloaded 1 times. Songtree - Sing, Jam & Record is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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