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Romaster SU

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Developer: mgyun
Categories: Tools
Android version: 2.0+
Size: 12.8 MB
Downloads: 891
5 / 1
Updated: 13.07.2020


Romaster SU is a compact yet powerful Android program that allows you to root your phone.

Features and functionality of the application

This application allows you to get ROOT rights practically on a device running Android.

With the help of this program, you can not only acquire the cherished root-rights, but also keep them under control, as well as manage startup, delete applications - even those that cannot be removed by conventional methods. You can also optimize the performance of your phone. To do this, the cache is cleared, residual ARC files, ads, and much more are deleted. All this both increases the stability of the operating system and the speed.

You can even uninstall system applications using the built-in manager just as easily as those installed by the user. However, without an accurate understanding of the consequences of your actions, it is strongly discouraged to do so, as there is a risk of uninstalling an application that is vital for the operating system.

There is a manager of applications that are loaded when the smartphone starts. It will also optimize speed and extend battery life.

Getting ROOT with Romaster SU is very easy:

  • First, the application must be downloaded as an ARC file and installed on the device;
  • Then Romaster SU starts up;
  • You must agree to the proposed user agreement;
  • After that, the program will start checking for the presence of pre-installed root rights;
  • If none are found, the message "No Root permission" and the button "Get Root access" will be displayed, which must be clicked;
  • The process of obtaining ROOT rights will begin;
  • If everything went well, a green face with the words "Root succeeded" will appear on the screen.

All that remains is to reboot the device and enjoy rooting.

Pros of the Romas programter SU:

  • Getting ROOT rights in just one click;
  • Manage all superuser rights;
  • Optimizing smartphone performance;
  • Built-in application manager;
  • A big plus of the program is the ability to download it for free.

Since the program is of Chinese origin, it works on most models of Chinese smartphones.

The main advantage of Romaster SU is getting root rights without computer intervention and supporting more than eight thousand models of various smartphones.

If in the old days, in order to root a phone, you had to resort to many complex actions, today it will be enough just to download the Romaster SU program - and everything is executed in just a couple of clicks on the display.

It is important to remember that inept use of superuser rights can cause irreparable harm to the smartphone and lead to its complete inoperability with the loss of all information.

But, if root rights are nevertheless necessary, and the user does not have time to understand all the intricacies of flashing using a computer, Romaster SU will come in handy.

Romaster SU for downloaded 891 times. Romaster SU is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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