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Name RenderZ FM Database Extension: apk
Version: 1.3.1 Size: 1.4 MB

Comments on Google play



The app is very useful for fifa mobile players But the player leveling is very important and we kinda waiting about 4 months to be added and still nothing



When is the compare stats and squadbuilding suggestions will open... I mean in compar stats when can we level the player's card! Plz try to add that feature fast!



My experience in this app is excellent but i am waiting for the leveling up of cards... When you enable it



very good app for comparing but can you add like a player chat so you can give a opinion on a player example like upgrading Adama some people say he's very quick but one say he has a bad shot so you know other people's opinion



Couldn't find a CB named Jørgensen from Huddersfield Town. I have put all the specifications to find him, but no cards shown. Overall its a decent app helping people to examine cards at higher levels.



Love the way everything is just can be better in terms if while doing certain things like squad building the screen could rotate and a wide view will be available like in actual game.Pls consider it✨🌹



This app lag, and when i save my squad builder it freezes, their are so many ads consume my most of the data please fix it.



The app is good, it helps you in some cases, but it would even be funny if you not only put draft on the app, and opening like a year or two ago, I don't know for sure, that would be great!



Last season everything was good but after the update you guys did for this season this app and the website are very bad. I wish you could just bring back the old style with the players from this season



ad hungry junky way way worse then your infected adware. apps like these make me sick. useful. but adware makes it an instant uninstall. stay away from useless ad hungry apps like this.

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