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Name Remote for Samsung TV Extension: apk
Version: 1.4.0-release Size: 6.6 MB

Comments on Google play



Working well so far! I got a little frustrated (I don't do well understanding instructions) because I couldn't figure out how to connect our 'Samsung 7 Series (70)' it kept saying my device was denied access, but realized I need the actual remote for my TV to "allow" my device. After connecting my phone, it's all gravy!



With both my tv and phone connected to wifi, all I have to do is open the app in the room with the TV. Which is super helpful since the remote was lost. Ads are not annoying, and so far none have had sound. Easy and straightforward. I'm unsure how well it would work if phone and TV couldn't be connected to the wifi, though.



This remote app works perfectly with my Samsung 65" Curved TV. However, a large hiccup I discovered was that, for my case, I needed the actual remote to press the "allow Android remote" option that shows up on the TV before the pairing can be completed. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone, but it really defeats the purpose of the remote app since my remote was broken and was unable to complete the pairing. Have to pair anytime my phone turns off too. Makes this app useless at times.



I recently moved and lost the remote to my TV, so this seemed to be a good fit. it worked great for a while, now it won't work at all. Everytime I try to push a button it just automatically closes the app. I restarted the TV, restarted my phone, and restarted my router, nothing seemed to help. It's clearly an app issue!



Here's the Good & the Bad... ✅The Good- great control feel with vibration feedback, pop ads are on top and don't get in the way, and you can shrink the controller to fit the screen or have bigger icons and slide the buttons ❌The Bad- when starting the remote, it has an annoying load and add pop-up, and it cannot turn the TV on when it's off The good outweighs the bad, I recommend this app.



Works great for our TV. Very responsive, and reacts just like using a regular remote. The only thing i would change would be to have a selection of different Samsung remote images to pick from and use, because the image in the app is slightly different than the remote for our TV. Our TV is a 2017, and I think the remote image used is an older design.



After downloading countless supposed remote controls for my Samsung television I finally stumbled upon this app. Not only does the app look exactly like my original remote control but it actually works better than my original remote control. Not having to aim directly at the television and being able to use it if there is a slight obstruction in its way. Other apps rely solely on the infrared on your mobile device which is not even close to being efficient due to the infrared bulbs size



I first posted this review as great! Works really well. Thanks. I answered the follow-up questions, one being does this app have ads that interrupt your experience? I replied no, because I had been using the app for about a week with no issues, and no ads. Then as soon as I posted the review, there were now ads. I'm not just talking about a few, but ads that won't stop, over and over!!! Constant ads! Now I give this app 1 star instead of 5. I'll also probably quit using it. So mad!



It's okay. For the most part it's been useful. I just hate that I can't turn it on and off. Other than that it's been a help out since my original remote was misplaced. **UPATE** I'm changing my 3 star review down to a 2 star review because now I found out that you have to frequently setup your remote every time the TV goes off which is annoying and time consuming. However this works until my OEM physical remote arrives in the mail on 12/20/2021



Didn't work for me, kept attempting to pair but no matter how many times I approved the connection on the TV, it just didn't happen. Downloaded another app (with a slightly lower rating, surprisingly), and it connected immediately. Still gonna give them a 3 since I liked the layout of the remote though, and hoping this doesn't bring down the rating too much, as it seems to work fine for a lot of others, but sheds some light on a problem that at least one person has had.


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