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Name Remote Control For TV, Universal TV Remote - MyRem Extension: apk
Version: 2.0.1 Size: 11.6 MB

Comments on Google play



This romote is perfect. I don't use my romote any longer. If you wish to enjoy this app use @Redmi phone because it contain infrared.



I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an alternative to The original TV remote



I'd like a way to remove ads, maybe pay $2 and have no ads. But you can also remove ads by not using data or wifi ;)



This is so great. I gave it a three because there is no back button, play, pause, stop, rewind and fast forward. The lack of these button makes it difficult to navigate sights like YouTube and Netflix. The other than that it really does work.



The only app that works for my hisense tv. My wife, however, isn't able to find it in the app store, and she has an android phone, as well. Kinda' odd... Thx for the prompt reply! We are using the Google Play app store, that's why we found it so puzzling. We sat next to each other and compared the Google Play app store menus and were perplexed by the differences in product options, we figured it had something to do with the phone manufacturer; I have an LG and she has a Samsung. Weird, No?!



Work but ads. The pop up ads in this ads in the app make it really inconvenient, especially the full screen ones. It's easy to use and to set but the ads make it annoying to use. There are plenty of other free apps that do the same thing but have no disruptive ads or no ads at all.



I've trying to fix my grandpa's tv because his speakers are super loud and I have exams and all of the neighbors are annoyed by it. That becomes a big problem for us. The TV remote is broken so we can't choose who will. We can't decide who should give up but then this app makes everything better!!!! Thxxxxxxxxxx so muchhhhh



This app is a God sent, my vizio tv remote ceased working and i tried all the vizio remote apps and they were total garbage. Decided to try a universal remote app and this has worked quite well.My only problem is the fastfwd and rewind options in which you have to press the button a whole bunch of times to get it where you want to, which is quite annoying and exhausting as opposed to just depressing the button and releasing it at your choice...I give 4 stars because it's close to perfect👌



This is just a scam loaded with a million ads. Not even an option to connect to the TV but just filling screen with ads. Should be reported and removed for misleading



The ad spam is ridiculous, 3 ads before you can even use it. Forces you to pick the tv brand everytime you open it, no way to make it default to one. The remote itself only works half the time, you have to press buttons multiple times for them to work (not a tv nor phone issue, I've checked with different apps). Don't bother with this trash.


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Remote Control For TV, Universal TV Remote - MyRem
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Remote Control For TV, Universal TV Remote - MyRem
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