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Pulsar Music Player

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Developer: Rhythm Software Applications
Categories: Music and audio
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 5.4 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Pulsar Music Player is a free application for listening to music on your Android device.

Application Settings

The advantage of Pulsar is that when used correctly, no configuration is required. When the user opens the app, the songs are already there, so there is no need to manually scan them or select a folder. All playable audio format files are already loaded for easy listening.

Pulsar provides the ability to exclude folders from library scanning, so at least you can, for example, not include a folder with Whatsapp audio files. Some other players have options to filter songs of a specific length. However, this is not included in the Pulsar player.

The almost complete lack of customization is a positive feature, and applications should work this way, Pulsar is just such an application.

Application Features

When you open the app, you can see that the layout of the app is very similar to the Play Store. There are five customizable tabs at the top:

  1. Albums.
  2. Artists.
  3. Folders.
  4. Genres.
  5. Songs.

The user has the ability to add playlists, if desired, and change their order according to his preference.

Artists and Albums are sorted in a grid that looks nice as it includes the album art and artist image in a grid cell. In addition, the application analyzes the image and adjusts the background of the cell accordingly, making the entire grid very colorful. If necessary, you can change it to view as a list.

The main screen has a navigation bar with the same options as the main screen. On the positive side, the user can quickly access the play queue. In addition, parameters can be accessed from this menu.

If you need to enable search, there is a button for this for the entire application. She issearches not only the current screen, but the entire library. You just need to write a large enough query, and it will show the artists, albums and songs that relate to this term.

Artists and Beyond

When an artist is selected, the user is taken to the artist page, which shows all the albums associated with him, as well as the corresponding album art. It will also show a nice picture of the group with a neat material-style animation.

It will list all songs and can be sorted by album, title, date added, and release date. For convenient listening, there is a shuffle button to start listening to the artists' songs right away.

Selecting an album takes you to a similar screen that lists the songs in the album with exactly the same arrangement.

Now playing

The Now Playing screen has everything expected of it. There is the usual play and pause button, previous and next, shuffle, repeat and search bar.

There is also a button to check the play queue, where the user can sort the songs that will be played next, delete them and go to the corresponding artist and album. At the top are buttons for sharing and liking songs.

There are absolutely no difficulties when listening to music on your Android device. The transitions from song to song are fast, playback is not skipped, and overall everything works exactly as expected.

Pulsar Music Player for downloaded 1 times. Pulsar Music Player is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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