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Fun tests

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Developer: True Fun Apps
Categories: Entertainment
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 13 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 13.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Funny Tests is a fun mobile application where you can take several different, very funny tests on different topics.

Characteristics of the application Cool tests

The app was created specifically to significantly improve your mood and make your day wonderful, which is why it belongs to the genre of entertainment apps.

Very often users install this application, sit in it for a very long time and have fun! They also give good marks to this app, because it really suits them!

Cool tests do not require any very serious qualities of your smartphone, it is enough for it to be a mobile phone with an android operating system, but with all this, the android version must be at least 4.1, only in this case you can count on reliable work applications.

We should also say about the weight of the Cool tests application. It is only 10 megabytes, which is also not a problem for any smartphone. The application does not require anything serious, so almost everyone can install it!

Well, and it should also be said that Cool Tests has no restrictions, everything is publicly available for every user (even for a very small one).

How to use the Cool Tests app?

Well, first you just need to install the Cool Tests application, after installation, launch it.

Immediately after launching you will see a colorful splash screen of the application, it shows a slice of pizza, but to start the tests themselves you need to click on the triangle that is present on the main screen.

After clicking, you will be shown all 14 tests that are in the Cool Tests application. You can choose any of them or go through them in turn (as you like).

The tests have very cool names and by themselves they are very funny and funny. K nFor example, if you wanted to take a test on the topic "what kind of jar are you", then you just need to click on this test and go through 10 questions.

By the way, the questions there are also quite funny and interesting, they mostly relate to your personality and self-esteem, but at the end, after you have answered all 14 questions, you will see your result. Perhaps the Cool Tests app will think that you are a charismatic and kind person or mysterious and creative! It all depends solely on your answers.

You can also rate this application (there is a button at the very bottom) or share it with your friends using social networks!

Features of the application Cool tests:

  • 14 very funny and funny tests, each of which will surprise you with its unexpected result
  • The application is made in a very nice and stylish way, so it's a pleasure to take tests in it
  • Cool tests have very interesting questions that directly relate to your personality
  • Share the Cool Tests app with your friends, let them try too!

Fun tests for downloaded 0 times. Fun tests is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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