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Power Clean

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Developer: LIONMOBI
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 7.6 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 30.07.2020


The Power Clean app is a great way to clean up all the trash from your phone with just one click of a button!

Power Clean App Features

Since this application will really significantly improve your work, it is natural that Power Clean belongs to the genre of mobile applications-tools (all functionality corresponds to this).

If we take into account the installation requirements of the Power Clean application, then everything is rather ambiguous. Smartphone memory requirements will definitely not be a problem for you, since Power Clean weighs only 7 megabytes (for modern smartphones this figure means almost nothing, but older ones may have problems).

Free memory will not be enough in order to install Power Clean, you also need to have an android version of at least 4.1. Only then can you fully rely on Power Clean. If the requirements are met, then you can safely use Power Clean.

This application has no restrictions at all. Anyone can install Power Clean, regardless of age. Power Clean has quite good user reviews. The app often gets positive reviews.

How to use the Power Clean app.

The most important thing to do first is to install the application. Then you need to launch Power Clean. Once launched, you can take advantage of all Power Clean features.

This application has a fairly large number of functions. With this application, you will definitely improve the performance of your smartphone!

Let's start with the "speed up" function. If you choose it, then the Power Clean app dramatically improves smartphone performance. The application is able to ensure that the smartphone will function normally even if it was frozen before.

The Power Clean app also has a feature called "Quick Clean". By clicking on this button, the application will quickly view all files that�The latter are present on the device. Thus, the application can find virus files and delete them immediately. In addition, Power Clean can find simply dangerous files, you can remove them yourself.

Power Clean has a huge impact on the power saving of your mobile phone. There are special functions for this in the application. Power Clean can enable strong charge savers, either medium or weak. Turning on each of the modes, you will notice that your applications on your smartphone will stop eating up your phone's charge much.

Features of Power Clean App:

  • The weight of the application is only a few megabytes, so almost every user can use it
  • Power Clean helps you speed up your smartphone with a dedicated function
  • Remove all unnecessary files with Quick Cleanup
  • Power Clean is available in Russian
  • The application is able to control the charging of your mobile phone

Power Clean for downloaded 2 times. Power Clean is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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