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Планета Земля - Энциклопедия

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Developer: Funny Arts
Categories: Books and Reference
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 35.3 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 03.03.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Planet Earth - Encyclopedia is an interactive application designed for preschool children. The encyclopedia tells the most complete information on the continents and oceans that exist on our planet. Thanks to the interactive system with game elements, learning turns into a fairly simple task, even for children of primary school or preschool age. The application can be downloaded for free on the Android platform from our website.

Application Features

The encyclopedia in the appendix is ​​divided into several large blocks. Each of them describes specific continents or oceans. Along with this, complete information is given about large cities, area of ​​countries, population and other useful data for study. Since the book is intended for children, all perceived information is presented in a playful way. This makes the learning process easier and more interesting. Knowledge is also better absorbed and retained in memory.

For greater clarity and attractiveness, the application has a special function that is activated manually. When you turn it on, special images with high quality resolution will be added to some materials from the encyclopedia, according to the settings of the mobile device. It is possible to translate illustrations into three-dimensional format and inspect the object from all sides using the zoom control: rotating, tilting, zooming in or out.

After studying a certain block of information in the application, there is a special test lesson. It determines how accurately and correctly the received data has been assimilated. Questions are asked on the topic just studied, so the quiz does not cause any particular difficulties. At the same time, memory and visual perception are trained, which helps to remember the location of some significant objects by eye. For example, the Himalayan Mountains, the Sahara Desert, the Gulf Stream and other information.


The application is designed for children of preschool or primary school age. In this regard, the material is presented in an easy, understandable and playful way.

If necessary, you can use books as a reference. To do this, you must turn off the game functions in the settings or simply go to the episodes tab, where special learned blocks will open. For example, in the lesson they were asked to name the oceans, the application has the necessary block. Just turn on a hint or read the titles on the screen.

The appendix can serve as a reference for homework.

Планета Земля - Энциклопедия for downloaded 1 times. Планета Земля - Энциклопедия is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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