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I'm at the labs every week and I have multiple medical problems I could not afford on a fixed income to get the premium version of this app at $5 a month. Which is extremely unfortunate. If they offered Grant for premium membership I would give this five star review as well as recommend it to all my family friends and medical colleagues and medical groups. I would advocate for this app.



It's a healthy monitoring app, it helps you track your health physically and mentally. It's amazing one



Great app to keep all lab results in one place. Allows to see progress. Would be great to add pin or fingerprint access for extra protection of such important data.



*Edited* I did reach out. They pretty much said too bad. They won't refund me, even though I haven't used there app. And yes there doubling the fee to $52.00. So it's like a scam. They get you to sign up for 20.00 then you enter your health & personal information. They double the price to $52.00. I got this app paid for it and before I even had a chance to enter anything I'm informed that there going to double the price... DOUBLE it!! $52.00 That's crazy. I would like a refund. What a waste.



The charts are great! I have problems with my thyroid and hormones. I get tested every 3 months because of it, but explaining how my numbers change to my doctor every time gets exhausting. Now I just show them in Ornament and that’s that!



The idea of the app is great. I would also like to be able to put all the information in it. Most of the time I have tests in one place, my weight in another, blood pressure in the third, that sort of stuff. Getting it all in one place would be top-notch!



Always crashes after taking a survey



Very nice and to my knowledge a unique app. Very fast recognition of lab tests from photos. Pro version is too expensive, from my point of view. What could be better: app indicates that some tests are missing but they are not so relevant to me with respect to my sex (I am male and the "missing test results" are related to infection in cervix) or condition - some tests are simply not indicated to regular people, like INR test. Also it would be great to add description of each test. Great job!



The app was working fine a few months back but now every time I try to open it, it starts loading but then immediately crashes. I can't open the app at all. Please, fix this bug, this is a great app to have all of our lab results wherever we are.



Love how organized and catergorized it is, how feature rich it is with statistics. The one feedback I have for now is I wish you guys could let us remove tabs from the bottom bar. I don't care about the social stuff, I just want this as a tracker. So I would like the ability to remove and rearrange the bottom bar tabs.


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