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Comments on Google play



It recently started doing this thing where it stops playing my music if my screen locks, or if I'm out of the app for "too long", e.i less than 3 minutes, and when I try go back into the app it's completely closed? I tried to check the settings and see if it was like a sleep mode timer and I couldn't find anything to fix it? It's really annoying and it's the only music player app I have, and I'd hate to change apps so could this please be looked into?



Getting worse day by day !!! One of my fav music player since couple of years but....... You can listen to the songs on bluetooth but, play, pause, track change, volume does not support at all. My bluetooth works absolutely fine with other music players. Uninstalled n installed it again, no luck 😖 very very frustrating !!! Mail sent, no reply yet. Plz fix this !!!!



This app is amazing. I literally found no flaws whatsoever. I barley see any ada and they arent pop up and annoying. It's extremley simple yet very well made. The mixer is amazing and literally everything is perfect! I have one suggestion though (i don't know if it's possible) but i wish you could change the picture of the album and pictures of individual songs. Anyways, thank you so much for this amazing and free player!



Been using this app for a year and it's been great but the ads are just utter bull. It plays in between the songs and you might tap one by mistake and it downloads some app, so irritating. On the plus side you haven't fixed the part where it skips a song still. I feel you guys have Alot of 5 stars for nothing.😒😤👎



I've been using this app for 4 years now and it has been my favorite. But lately after the update the ads are unbearable. I understand that ads are necessity in the app in a certain way but do you have to show the ads in the middle of a SONG? Seriously .? I have to skip 2 to 3 ads in ONE SINGLE SONG before it finishes. Wt...? .Since reading after so many reviews about ads for a while now and haven't fixed it yet , so it seems I've to uninstall. I wouldn't recommend this app. 0 StaR



For the last two yeas, using it I had a blast. But it's getting worse now, app crash while playing songs, to add songs to now playing list I have to add a song individually. When I open the app after closing it, the first song is played every time, it doesn't save the last played song. Please fix it.



Why does this app skips some of my songs? Its not shuffled or anything, but it skips some of the songs. I tried playing all of my songs in one go, 18/25 of my songs were played. The other 7 songs were not broken. It can still be played. I tried again, and 16/25 songs were played. What the hell is wrong, huh? Also, this app shuts off it self. Like, out of nowhere, the song stops and the icon of this app on the notification bar disappears. Like it restarts on it self, and I have to open it again.



It does the job but there is one problem if you create a playlist and add a song you can't remove the song. You can try to delete said playlist then create it again however even if the previous playlist is deleted you can't reinsert the title of the previous playlist. I haven't tried deleting and reinstalling the app but even if it does work that's too much effort to remove one song. Maybe in the future they will fix it but it isnt fixed in this day and there are better options.



I've been using this music player for almost 3 years now instead of the music player on my devices 'cause I really like its features that I didn't even care for the non-stop ads. Anyways, what concerns me the most and the solely reason why I can only give 3 stars is about the album art, I hate how i'm so eager to change my every favorite song's album art then after a while it keeps on getting scrambled like that song is getting a cover that is not supposed to be for it. A REALLY BIG BUMMER! >.<



This is the best music player I'm using ever since. I like the features this app has. But I have some minor problems. The lyrics' flow is lagging and doesn't behave like the ShareIt player. The app opens a little slow. And there's some minor bugs. Overall, it's still a very good app. Thanks.


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