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Name Followly Extension: apk
Version: 1.2.6 Size: 10.4 MB

Comments on Google play



It never let's me see any info Seriously thinking about deleting it .. It doesn't upload it doesn't let me use anything on the app even if it's free I can't even fully get into the app so it does matter if there things for free you can use if the app doesn't work



I had been on the app for 2 minutes and there has already been 6 ads, you have to pay and put your username and password into the app. Do NOT download this app, it's a waste of time.



Very upset with this app. I just open it for 5 minutes and it makes me temporarily locked from my instagram account. I need your responsibility. I can't even log in anymore because of this app.Sent me your email address !



There should be atleast 3days trial before paying....or people will uninstall this app because no one sure that this apps is 100% working..Everyone want to see it for themself and not by telling by others that its working or not..And I'm gonna uninstall it right away because I'm not sure if this apps is actually working or not...If it's not then I would lose my money for nothing.And i don't wanna loss my money which i have been working so hard to have it



It works. However, the pricing for the app subscriptions doesn't make sense. It's too high, otherwise I'm sure many, including myself, would consider purchasing it.



Hey, I pay to get premium yet it doesnt show all the premium feature, HOW CAN I CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION ? It has already been 3 month since i pay and now i get charge even after i click the cancel button on the subscription and evem deleted the app !!! I still get charge, wth dude



This app lies. You can't see who has blocked you or who views your page the most. Also, I did the free 7 days with the $14.99 a month if you don't cancel. Well there's no button to cancel! So how the heck do I stop this useless app from charging me $14 a month



SCAM. To access most of the features you need a subscription and all of the ones you dont need a subscription are completely wrong. (Mostly the top 20 likes feature)



In order to login you need to insert your Instagram/Facebook credentials (including your password), which will show up as a new log in from an iPhone on my Instagram/Facebook account (even if I only used Android my whole life). This app will only steal your data and who knows what else will do once it had access to your accounts! Further more, definitely not complient to the laws in the EU (GDPR, e-Privacy Directive), as they don't even show a support contact that will manage your data (erase)



TERRIBLE, I got this app to see who looks at my profile. I can't even unlock one profile by watching a ad do not download this. And the ads are terrible they pop up every 5 seconds.


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Added: 2020-04-14
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