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Энциклопедия растений Часть 1

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Developer: FancyAppJournal
Categories: Books and Reference
Android version: 4.0+
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Updated: 03.03.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Encyclopedia of Plants Part 1 is a useful application adapted for the Android platform. It contains many tips from professional gardeners for plant care. The application also contains a large collection of photographs of various colors, which are described in a special catalog. The application can be downloaded for free on our website.

Application Features

The entire application is divided into two large blocks. This is due to the presence of a large number of photographs for any of the plants. To make the blocks equal, it was decided to place all plants with letters from A to K in the first, and from L to Z in the second.

The first directory is divided into several sections. They include all useful information on the plants you are viewing. Blocks include:

  • Plant catalog;
  • General care rules;
  • Plant families;
  • Ampel plants;
  • Cacti with succulents;
  • Indoor ferns at home;
  • Pests;
  • Photo gallery.

In the catalog you will find complete information with illustrations for all colors starting with beech from A to K inclusive. Pictures will show what the plant looks like at different stages of cultivation, from seed to full bloom. Each flower detail will be listed separately and carefully photographed.

General rules of care will give the knowledge that is necessary for the correct development of the plant. It includes tips on daylight hours, temperature conditions, watering frequency and amount of water. There will also be tips for using fertilizers.

The tab has a special subsection. It includes "little tricks" from professional gardeners. These tips will help the user to achieve the best results when caring for the plant.

Plant families include information about which species these flowers belong to, and what fruits they give. This is very important information, since theBoth families have separate needs. Even if the flowers are indistinguishable from each other, they can belong to different types. In this case, you need to learn how to distinguish flowers from each other according to special characteristics and remember exactly the rules of proper care.
Cacti are considered one of the most common indoor plants. This is due to the extreme unpretentiousness of the plants. They do not require constant watering and careful care, a couple of hours of light is enough and there are never other pests on them. But in this case, it will remain a simple decorative thing. If you apply the rules described in the application, then the user will be rewarded with a beautiful flower that appears among the thorns. Not on every site or even in an apartment you can see such beauty. Without thorns, cacti would be on a par with roses and tulips.

The photo gallery contains many images of flowers at different stages of development and flowering. The quality of photos is the highest possible, which automatically adjusts to the settings of the mobile device.

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