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Name Color Phone Launcher Extension: apk
Version: 1.2.6 Size: 19.9 MB

Comments on Google play



really sucked.. after i installed the app, my phone kept freezing, couldnt access my usual apps, or my messages.. i had to factory reset to be able to use my phone again.. it had a lucky box app that claimed to win stuff, if you consider already free apps as winning valuable prizes.. it really was a joke.. i think i will stick with my normal picture screensavers and my WINIT! app where i really win money to use at sears and kmart (was able to buy really nice xmas gifts for 59 people in 2018)..



It's alright, but the reason I gave it 2 stars is because it keeps lagging on my phone. Sometimes my ig will crash when I'm on it. Also, I don't like that there's additional files to download, making this app not as useful as I thought it would be. I suggest the dev(s) fix the lags. Thank you.



I have downloaded 6 different theme apps including this one from this app as to that's where it makes you go. I was able to only get 1 to work. so it's not the phone since I got 1 of them to actually work. why would I pay for a monthly or yearly fee if they don't work. if you can't get any to work but one why would I give u money? let ppl try a few to see if it works.. deleting all. not happy about.



It's ok, but it's not awesome. There are quite a lot of ads popping out of nowhere. Now when I watch Netflix the app keeps closing out and shutting down just to show me a game about cleaning a house. It gets annoying after a while.



It's okay but its some bugs or lagging. It grts stuck sometimes and nothing is working. When im swiped screen suddenly a app from one of the folders are there on the screen. I never took it out its just there. And the themes are cool but its very little icons that actually changed its like 5 icons that is like the theme then the rest is just normal. And my email notifications are suddenly junk and it doesn't show it. I never asked it to do that



This app is amazing! It is so cool when I can make water flow around the screen as well as when I check today's top backgrounds. I think all in all this app is amazing. The only thing that I don't enjoy is the liquid that flows around the screen in the Space background, at the top of the liquid it curves towards the middle so that the edges if the screen have no liquid in it. It is more a putty than a liquid.



changed my whole phone when I just wanted a background(original was 1 star but the person who made the app responded fast and apoligized for the inconvince thanks for that) also if you fix the layout problem tell me and I will re-download this app edit:it's mostly the layout of the apps but the change of the app was confusing for the time I had it download and I do know it's for personalizing everything i personally just wanted the background (everything else seemed cool though)



I will admit, it is an interesting app. It gave my phone a whole new design for the apps, like my games and Reddit. However, it was a little odd how there was a random folder of randomized games added by the app. It was okay, but it took me by surprise and i was worried i would lose the wallpaper of my cat on my phone if i changed it. Good app, but ask me first please



This app is horrible, I downloaded it while on Instagram because I saw an add but when I downloaded it, it changed everything for my phone. I managed to get rid of it, but for all of you that don't know how you basically have to go to your normal settings and take away every single permission that the app has, and make your background the Samsung option. Not this apps crappy option. Once you do that delete it and never download this again.



it was an amazing app I like to, I could go through with all the amazing cool wallpapers. It was just giving me so many options that I wasn't really ready for, and I think that's what makes these apps exciting and the astronaut, one which they used for the ad made it look even better than it actually was because we want you move your phone, the blue stuff moved with it, making it seem like that he was praying it out, or she and that's what just made it, look so interesting


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