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Category: Finance

Размер: 68.3 MB

Updated: 04.02.2024

Developer: Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.

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Blockchain Wallet is an electronic mobile wallet with which you can safely store, sell, send and receive cryptocurrency. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and other types of digital currencies. The application uses encryption, which means there is zero chance of being hacked.

What the user gets

The application will be useful for those who use cryptocurrency as a payment system. It offers secure wallet access, you can set a pin or fingerprint authentication. Also, the Blockchain Wallet does not store private keys, which means complete security and the minimum probability of intruders. So you don't have to be afraid for the safety of your funds, since they are protected by two stages of authentication. At the same time, the developers regularly check the application for safety of use.

Also, the creators of the application offer the user a user-friendly interface and many functions. For example, you can instantly send bitcoins or ethereums anywhere, so you don't have to wait a few minutes or hours to send the cryptocurrency. At the same time, the program has a clear and easy system of payment requests. You can get the information you need at any time. The developers have provided the ability to process payments, you can manage them and view the statistics of transactions. The application is absolutely free and works with mobile devices based on android, it can be found and downloaded in the public domain, without worrying about making additional means of payment.

Blockchain Wallet gives access to large markets for the exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency. It is possible to carry out the necessary operations for the purchase and sale of bitcoins in a few touches, which makes it easier to use the program. In addition, the user can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. For example, transfer from bitcoin to ethereum, this will be useful for those whowho often uses this type of money as the main payment system. The program shows the current informational summary of the digital currency rate, which is updated every day.

Additional Features

The application has a number of interesting features that make it easier to work with, including:

  • Using a QR code to send or receive payment. This reduces the amount of time required to enter values ​​or wallet numbers, it is enough to scan the code to get the desired operation.
  • Availability of VPN and TOR. These security measures guarantee complete privacy of personal funds. Attackers will not be able to break through the system data, so the user can not be afraid of hacking and theft.
  • Fixing the digital dollar. The developers offer users a 1 to 1 cryptographic peg with USD Digital. The e-dollar will be stable in the Blockchain Wallet. Crypto Wallet for downloaded 41268 times. Crypto Wallet is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  • Reliable protection of the wallet and its contents.
  • Transaction statistics.
  • Replenishment of the wallet and transfers by QR-code.
  • Built-in cryptocurrency converter.

Version History Crypto Wallet 202401.2.2
04.02.24 68.3 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202401.2.3
04.02.24 68.3 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202310.1.10
14.11.23 64.3 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202311.1.0
14.11.23 65 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202310.1.7
26.10.23 64.3 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202310.1.8
26.10.23 64.3 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202310.1.9
26.10.23 64.3 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202308.2.2
23.08.23 63.9 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202308.2.3
23.08.23 64 MB Download Crypto Wallet 202303.2.5
03.05.23 43.8 MB Download

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