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Name Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio with beats & vocal FX Extension: apk
Version: 2.96.1 Size: 44 MB

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There are MANY apps to choose from when it comes to creating and sharing your own music, but RapFame does it like no other! The layout and funtionable design is very easy to learn and pick up for a beginner. I was posting my first song within minutes of downloading! What seperates this app experience than ALL others, is the Community and Judging feature where other artists listen to your music and give feedback while scoring you on different aspects like "Delivery" and "Impression" DOWNLOAD IT!



I like the idea that is the premise for Rap Fame. However, I've yet to be able to successfully record a song directly thru the app itself. Whenever I try to, it either freezes, kicks me out of the app and/or it shuts down completely, without saving anything. And believe me, its not for lack of trying. AND, u HAVE to spend $$ if u want ANY chance of finishing in the top 20 for the song contests. It seems $$ is the ONLY way to get plays, while wack rappers essentially can buy their spprt



Monthly subscription not being honored and made me sign-up for a much more expensive weekly subscription in order to have the exact same premium features. Monthly subscription still on my account though and there was no mention of cancellation or an update to the billing. That's a serious problem. $3 per month to $12 per month, dropped paid features, and double billing. This really needs a fix and the sudden greed needs to subside. That's an insane price for just the few extra features.



This is hands-down THE BEST app for music and artist community in Hip-Hop and other genre's even. This app is exploding with talent and genrous people who make the whole experience even better than it already is. The app makes everything SO EASY, from recording your first track, to posting the latest photos or videos on to your feed, all the way to helping you navigate the interface along the way. I am EXTEMELY Happy that a friend of mine, @MC.Squared suggested this app to me and friends.



Great app that is really useful in getting started in becoming serious with your craft. Could improve search ability. Also, need to be able to delete messages from inbox. Should be able to separate vocal artists from beat production, as there are multiple profiles of both on the app. Would help when trying to organize a more structured crew. Definitely a lot of opportunity here and features that could be added, but all in all a pretty good app.



I just downloaded your app, so I'm still getting the feel for it and haven't really exploited everything yet. So far it's pretty cool. Of course when i published a song, i wasn't able to really hear my voice even after editing it before i posted it. Also, have you ever thought about maybe adding a drum machine and a keyboard section that way people could make their own beats through your app. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, i really do like this app.



I was under the impression that the premium subscription brought additional tracks to record over. It's a real shame that you can only record over 2 tracks. I really like the tools and the control this app gives you over the mix but beyond that, it's a let down. The UI is clunky, a lot of the beats are subpar (even those locked behind the premium wall), and premium doesn't seem to bring any real value besides beats and doubled recording time, which seems pointless with the track limit.



Since this app is free, I didn't expect much out of it. BUT this app turned out to be really good! I love how you can choose your music, type the lyrics, and sing with the lyrics right there! (For free!) However, I don't see a point in the two singer thing because no matter what you record in voice 2, it is just an exact copy of voice 1, which is kinda frustrating. But overall this app is bomb, and if absolutely recommend this app for people who like rapping!



I love this app. The only thing I would change is the auto tune features. Maybe some kind of system to be able to set the auto tune to fit your voice better. I mean, it's not bad as it is. I like being able to choose the different tones. and the smoothness slider bar is good. Just with some tones it dont seem like much of a difference. Maybe add another slider bar to adjust how much auto tune you want, to get the perfect pitch you want. Other than that. I have mo complaints. M89 is name in app.



A few problems. Sometimes the app says recording not found, when i had just recorded a song, i go to save then WaLa! Another error. Ive tried this many of times with different beats, record, then go to finish the recording and it still says error. I tried to correct the problem it doesn't work. You guys have no way to get your money back once you go premium when it specifically says free trial. Another issue i found is that when you pay to hot feed it doesn't last all of ten minutes thats it!?


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Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio with beats & vocal FX
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Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio with beats & vocal FX
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