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Name Assistant for Android Extension: apk
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Comments on Google play



Excellent application with a lot of features. It works fine on Galaxy A21s. It doesn't look as fancy as the other applications but it does what's needed and as advertised. I must update my review of this application to point out that after the last application update it doesn't work as before when it comes to terminating the applications that I have chosen to terminate, and that's not good cause it used to before, that pointed out, I'm waiting for the next update that fixes that issue.



At first it worked great, but now all of the sudden it won't work, you plush boost it will go to an app info but won't do anything, then it goes back to the assistant home screen, you can't do anything and then leaves the app completely



I thought there was something wrong with the cache clear for a while, now I see it's fixed; this is my favorite system clearing and boosting application and has been for years! It's light and doesn't constantly bombard you with insane amount of ads, like so many others. And when it has an unfortunate bug, one can trust it be fixed in reasonable time. It may not be the prettiest, but I think it's the best!



After my latest OS update on July, while opening the UPI apps, my phone manager app pops up stating android assistant is a malicious app and device is at high risk. So im not sure its happening because of the update in my OS or with the android assistant app. Developers please look into it and request you all to resolve this issue the earliest.



I've been using this app for years and love all it does but lately it keeps having trouble emptying the cash. It freezes mid process then claims there's no need to empty the cash - (oh really? Lol!) When apps refuse to their jobs or decide they are going to take over the phone then falsely tell me what's up here, its time to play WHO'S THE BOSS? I hope the developers can get a handle on this very annoying problem soon because I'd really like to keep this app.



Been using this app for years, it works fine on my old phone, but now i installed it on my new phone (android 11) and it can't do the job like it used to be



Cache clear has not worked after the last few updates. All permissions on the apps granted. What gives? Please fix. Now several months later and you still have not fixed this functionality. I run it and several of the apps don't get cache cleared. Facebook, Chrome, etc. The biggest users of cache.



Was good to begin with, and great for moving apps to SD and vice versa. Good cache cleaner too cleans everything at once, speeding up anyone's phone, however recently it's displaying constant messages saying app has stopped working with a choice to close the app or wait, and even after choosing wait it still has to be closed 😔



Since the March 2022 Android update, this app no longer works. It used to automatically kill apps and clear cash, with a single click, but now it doesn't at all. It also keeps crashing. Please do something because this was one of my most favorite apps ever.



One of my must have's on any device that use. Truly a great experience. Works well and does what it's supposed to without doing a bunch of extra stuff that it's not.


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