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It's a good app, but it doesn't have all the same views as the online desktop version, such as the calendar and timeline and that is a bummer. Otherwise works fine. Every now and then has syncing issues where it doesn't update immediately.



The Developers for some reason have taken away the ability to organize each task as you see it listed. They say you can do it on desktop but that is not consistently. if I organize tasks according to the due date and what have been completed it populates jobs that happened over a year ago and I have to scroll through all of what was done yesterday. they're making the app more difficult to work with. subtasks don't work either



At first looked very promising (specially UI) but dude, it lacks the very basic feature: the due date alerts. Really!!!? I tried to work my way around to sync my tasks with Google calendar to get alerts from there. But after the initial sync it takes 24 hrs or may be more to sync again. So may be you will miss out on tasks that u add with dhe date in next 24 hrs. I found Project Buddy but it is paid service. It is useless for me now, I have to go back to Trello bcz it has due date notifications.



Like the web service okay. Mobile app is unusable. It only show the first 60 characters of a task. Sounds like enough, but my job assigns these repeat tasks with the project identifyer at the end... making the mobile app useless for me. Also i would not have given a bad review if there had been a way to give feedback within the app. I just wanted the developers to know the product is not meeting my needs and i suspect others as well.



I use this for organizing a maintenance department, good to have everyone on the same lists and projects. A good amount of features that are useful, and few that are just "fun" or 12 year old girl focused. Doesn't really work offline, even though it was advertised as such when I bought it. Feels clunky and missing a few features that are standard in other apps. *update- features have been disappearing on android and the app is getting worse. considering alternatives currently. don't use this if android is your main access



great app, but too bad you cannot choose what to see at the start when you open the app, instead of tasks. Can't copy already done projects, when starting new one. Also you have to click on specific projects to see the items in calendar. would be nice to have the option to have one calendar showing all the projects items. also would be nice to have the option to see the attached pictures on the board, and also have color labels. For some projects I could see Asana being better, and some Trello.



Great tool for an organization's first step into work management. Effective for managing personal tasks and task-oriented team projects. For five stars, add more fine-tuning of scheduling recurring tasks, allow for a "browse to and link" for local network documents instead of attaching them to the task, and add more "pop" to the (desktop) sidebar's Team headers (the menu items and headers are too similar). The team headers are much better in the mobile app.



Intuitive & simple! I am SO happy with this app/web system. I'm typically a paper to-do list snob, but I've had so much going on with work that I needed something electronic. Asana is easy to use, incredibly intuitive, and I know this sounds silly, but the way they "celebrate" checking things off the list makes this the first electronic to-do list I've ever used that gives me the same satisfaction as physically crossing things off a paper list!



It's not syncing, no matter what I do or if I'm on a data plan or Wi-Fi. There's always a sign of how many pending changes are waiting to be synced but the syncing never happens! What would I want to havr an app that doesn't work of anyway, every time I need to make an update I have to get to the conputer



It seemed ok, a little learning curve. It's definitely what I call groupware, so you have an extra layer which adds complexity when using as a personal tool. It also required me to log into app vida desktop to use features, more complexity. I was an IT manager for many years and know the company that purchased them, we used them. I searched for another app and I'm quite happy. I don't mind paying, want simplicity.


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