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English for Kids: Learn & Play

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Developer: OldCroc Studio
Categories: Learning Games
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 69.5 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 29.07.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Suitable for preschool children.
  • Content is divided into lessons.
  • Voice acting from native speakers.
  • Achievement system.
  • Section with mini-games.
  • The first 4 lessons are available for free.


  • Payment is required to access the full course of study.
  • The program is rarely updated.
  • Not the most modern design.


PMG's English for Kids is an app for teaching English to kids in a playful way. The application has lessons on various topics, games and a system of rewards in the form of achievements, which are given for completing tasks with certain conditions: take a lesson without mistakes, accumulate coins, take a lesson several times. For achievements, coins are given, for which you can open the following lessons and games.


After launching the application, the main window will open, funny music will sound in the background. On the left is a menu with sections:

  • Lessons - Exercises about flowers, animals, numbers, fruits, assignments and more.
  • Games are fun games to reward good studies.
  • Achievements - a list of rewards for completed tasks.
  • Settings - select the interface language, turn off the music, contact the developers.


In the section, the lessons are arranged in the form of a tile of images of book covers, each of which contains the lesson number, topic and illustration for the topic. When the lesson is opened, the animation of the opening of the book appears and words and pictures from the topic of the lesson are located on its pages. Lessons 1 to 8 can be taken free of charge.

By clicking on one of the pictures, the user opens a subsection with several pictures and a word pronounced by the virtual announcer. It is necessary to indicate the picture that he named. Next to the word there is a button for repeating a word and a button with a question mark, which returns to the main section of the lesson. In the upper right corner there is a coin icon and their number.

If you guess correctly, the picture is surrounded by a green frame, the user is credited with 10 coins and the transition to the next word occurs. If the answer is incorrect, the transition to the next word also occurs, but the coins are not credited. The progress bar is located at the bottom of the window. After the end of the lesson, a window appears with congratulations and the number of coins earned.


Games are bought ��а earned coins. There are three games in total:

  • Gunslinger - you need to shoot at flying objects.
  • Froggy - take a frog along a dangerous road.
  • Submarine Happydive - sail a submarine, avoiding danger.


The player acts as a cowboy and he needs to shoot at objects flying out from below. Getting into an object, he throws it up and thus it is necessary to keep it in the air for as long as possible. If the item falls, one life is taken away. For a hit, dollars are awarded. In the second round, a grenade can fly out and you do not need to shoot at it, because this will end the game. In the upper left corner, the number of lives and the timer for the end of the tour are shown.


It is necessary to guide the frog along the road with obstacles and dangers. There are stones on the road that must be bypassed, rivers flow along the sides of the road, into which he cannot fall, because it takes life. Dangerous objects in the form of spiked wheels that shoot arrows roll along the road, water lilies float along the rivers, on which the frog can ride.

Submarine Happydive

Here you need to swim in a submarine on the sea and not get caught in electric traps. The submarine moves forward by itself, the player can only submerge it or direct it up. There are coins in the water column that need to be collected. There are chests with gold at the bottom.


To teach the youngest children, it is worth downloading this program for them, in which he will get acquainted with new words of the English language and pronunciation. The rewards in the form of fun games will encourage your child to further learn the language. Achievements clearly show progress in learning.

English for Kids: Learn & Play for downloaded 3 times. English for Kids: Learn & Play is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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