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99 Names of Allah

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Developer: Islamic Apps World
Categories: Books and Reference
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 31.7 MB
Downloads: 6
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Updated: 06.08.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Information in Arabic, transliteration and translation into English.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • No payment required.


  • No Russian language support.
  • Advertising is present.


99 Names of Allah is a simple application for Android OS, which really contains a listing of all 99 names of Allah.

Why download the app

Now you can read all 99 names of Allah at any time by downloading this app for your phone or tablet.

The 99 names of Allah are the names of God Almighty, each of which represents a specific attribute that represents him in the world around him.

The Quran says the following: “He is Allah (God), Creator, Creator, Creator, the most beautiful names belong to Him: everything in heaven and on earth declares His glory and glory. And He is Mighty, Wise. "

The app is noteworthy as it offers many tangible benefits:

  • You can read all 99 names in Arabic, as well as in English and Russian - with all their meanings;
  • Each name is presented with translated meanings from the Quran. Everything is given in the attached text;
  • It is suggested to listen to the correct pronunciation for each name - right from the application;
  • The application can be run on almost any smartphone or tablet - due to its simplicity and versatility;
  • There is a simply implemented graphical interface, in which it is absolutely impossible to get confused, all functions are transparent and available literally in one or two clicks;
  • Names can be shared with your friends and acquaintances on social services;
  • Each name is given its original style.

According to the Qur'an, the one who managed to list all the names of Allah without hesitation deserves to go to heaven.

The meaning of listing all names has a significant philosophical and religious context:

  • They need to be memorized;
  • Understand the meaning of each name;
  • And also to act in everyday life - according to the meaning of each name. When you know that He is "One", then you do not associate with Him someone else.�. When you know that He is “the giver of livelihood,” then you are not asking for food from someone else. And when you know that He is "Merciful", then you perform those acts of obedience that are the means of receiving this mercy;
  • Pray and ask for help in business, using - depending on the situation - one of the names.

The application can be downloaded by a wide variety of users - from ordinary devout Muslims to students of theological educational institutions or their applicants.

Each name contains aspects of a god. In this regard, the Qur'an shows how all-embracing Allah is and extends his influence to literally all areas of the world.

Researchers also point out that all names can be divided into 2-3 groups, according to a certain characteristic.

First of all, the names of the essence and the names of the qualities inherent in Allah are distinguished. There are traditional names and those that come directly or indirectly from the Quran.

Professional theologians also point to the classification of names according to such qualities of Allah as beauty, greatness, severity, mercy, etc.

Everyone can download and install this application for free - and use it at any time.

99 Names of Allah for downloaded 6 times. 99 Names of Allah is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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99 Names of Allah
Added: 2020-09-07
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