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I actually think this could be such a useful app to find many varieties of anime looks. However there are improvements I recommend you give. 1. A description search (describing looks of character), 2. A scroll bar. 3. See able wallpapers The adds I do understand are what you get payed from, and I don't complain due to it not being timed. My true rating should have been a 4 but I could see your app getting these improvements which I hope you get the time for.



I really like it. It has tons of pictures, I can find cool ones and cute ones, so much to find! But the problem is... all I can find are landscapes! There are no portraits that would fit on my phone.



I like this app very much but I only have two issues. It's annoying how every second image pops up with an ad and the fact you have to watch an ad to search five times, and from I can tell the app hasn't added any new anime that was made after 2017.



I love this app so much but there's a problem.. idk why it has ad's for u to download or idk something for a wallpaper, like I dont truly appreciate the ads I mean everyone hates ads if u can +100000AnimeWallpapers pls put less ads. I do actually love the Anime wallpapers but pls just reduce the ads. Ty.❤️



I mean, its a really good app with awesome wallpapers, but those damn candy crush adds are imposible to skip. There aint no x at the top side of the screen so I gotta exit out and do it again, but I dont mind💕 but anyways, love the app, would definetly recommend it. Best wallpaper app ive downloaded so far.



The amount of ads is insane. Ad most of the time when you click on a picture to view it. Reasonable, five stars if they left it at that. But then you are required to watch an ad or pay money every five downloads. Getting a little worse but still not bad. Three stars if it were left at that. But then you have to watch an ad or pay every five SEARCHES. One star



This is the best anime wallpaper app that I've ever seen. It has like an infinite amount of anime wallpapers to choose from it's almost impossible to choose;not to mention the new wallpapers that are added frequently.You can use the pictures as wallpapers, profile pictures on all social media, your home and lock screen wallpaper. I highly recommend the use of this app as an anime fan.



Awesome app! maybe you can add a feature that we can make the picture smaller aswell, so the whole picture fits in as the wallpaper. because I now have found an awesome background with a girl and two pistols. it doesn't fit on the screen. Hope to see further updates!



Soo i changed my review cuz i have a problem, and that problem is adds. Like when i was to look at the photo up more close and add pops out and its annoying cuz like the add stops suddenly and then you have to wait a little longer which is pretty annoying like i said before.. overall this app is good if your looking for some good anime wall papers! I really like it but the add is just my problem, can you try to like reduce the adds? Like i understand if you cant but can you? Well that al for me



Good app. Ads are annoying of course, but I can't justify laying money down to make them go away because of the lack of portrait format images (my phone is portrait; everyone's is) and the lack of better resize/format options. edit: Wall of ads has been removed so restoring a star.


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Added: 2020-07-21
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