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War games

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In an assortment of war games, the player acts as the supreme commander. He is given the opportunity to step into the role and lead his group directly to the battlefield or train his troops, preparing them for a real war! These games come in a variety of formats, from direct combat, squad versus troops, to turn-based RPG where you can program attacks and use weapons as you see fit. You can fight in prehistoric times or in the open air on the famous battlefields, also go to war in our time.

A key part of war games is the simple controls that make it easy to lead your army into battle. Most tasks involve buttons with images and icons that are easy to understand and use. When entering the battlefield, the commander must be prepared and the battlefield games will give the player instructions and tips on the game. In seconds, you can perfectly fight with swords and shoot from tanks

In this category, it is worth playing action World of Tanks Blitz . This game is already played by more than 100 million players around the world. It can be played alone or with friends, apply different techniques and improve it.

No less interesting game is the WWII strategy Final . This game is a turn-based strategy game in which the player is given the opportunity to become a general and win important battles of World War II. You can lead the troops of the USSR, allies or Germany.

It is also worth playing the game War Machines . It will suit the taste of fans of the game World of Tanks . In this game, you can not stop even for a second. It provides the opportunity to fight together with up to eight players, both real and artificially created. This and many other exciting games will appeal to fans of war games for real men.