Text recognising

Here are collected only the best applications that will help users in the best way to convert speech to text. They allow you to easily and very quickly convert any spoken word into high-quality digital text, which can then be used or copied in various documents or for other important purposes.

Some time ago, the best programs for this purpose were only used on computers. But with the development of mobile technology and the growth of applications for these purposes, this function can now also be successfully used on Android devices.

In this category, you can find only the best applications that will help you quickly convert words to text. They are becoming more and more popular among many users, from educational purposes to businesses. This is successful because technology has advanced to a level where conversion errors are very rare. Some services show very high results with a minimum number of errors.

Each user will be able to find among these programs the one that will be most suitable for him.

1 Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App
2 Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR
3 Text Scanner [OCR]
4 Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)
5 Document Scanner - Scan PDF &
6 Text Scanner - Image to Text
7 Smart Lens - Text Scanner (OCR
8 Image To Text
9 ABBYY Business Card Scanner
10 TextGrabber Scan OCR Translate
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Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App

Tiny Scanner is a small mobile scanner that boasts support for all types of documents, receipts, photos and other copy data, as well as lightning speed. A few words about the Tiny Scanner app Do you urgently need to scan an important document? No problem. Moreover, you do not have to connect...
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Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Adobe Scan is an application that helps you scan paper sources to transfer them to electronic format. The program helps in doing business where you need to work with a huge amount of documentation. Features. Adobe Scan uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert printed text to digital text...
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Text Scanner [OCR]

Text Scanner [OCR] - this application is designed to quickly digitize documents and books using your Android smartphone. It has a very high speed of scanning and recognition of text in different languages ​​and does not require any configuration. Convenient and fast mobile scanner for all types...
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Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Text Fairy is a free program to extract text from images. Does not require Internet access to work and is capable of recognizing printed text in over 110 languages. A handy and free tool for recognizing and extracting text from images Need to urgently extract text from a photo? No problem. Us...
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Document Scanner - Scan PDF &

Document Scanner Free is a handy mobile application for scanning documents and saving them in the phone's memory in PDF or PNG format. Has a high scanning speed and allows you to save scans in high quality. Why Document Scanner Will Help You In addition to the standard document scanning function, th...
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Text Scanner - Image to Text

Text Scanner is an application whose feature set is exactly as its name suggests. It turns your phone or tablet into a full-fledged paper scanner and will help you always have all the necessary tools at hand. Learn more about the Text Scanner app With this application, you can quickly and eff...
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Smart Lens - Text Scanner (OCR

Smart Lens is a mobile application that allows you to scan documents, convert images to text, and even quickly translate from one language to another, in just a few taps. What Smart Lens is for Here is a very easy-to-use program for scanning documents using the camera of your Android smartpho...
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Image To Text

Image To Text is a free and easy-to-use text recognition program. Allows you to quickly copy the recognized text for use in third-party applications. A few words about Image To Text This small tool will become a reliable assistant for those who urgently need to scan a particular text and save...
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ABBYY Business Card Scanner

ABBYY Business Card Reader is an application for fast scanning and convenient storage of business cards. Supports text recognition in 25 languages, including Russian. What is Business Card Reader for? Tired of carrying many business cards of your partners and colleagues with you? Then this pr...
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TextGrabber Scan OCR Translate

ABBYY TextGrabber is a powerful program for recognition and digitization of texts from paper, developed by ABBYY. Allows you to quickly share saved documents with colleagues, or save them to your smartphone. What is TextGrabber for? Surely, everyone has more than once faced the need to transf...