System utilities

Mobile devices are inherently tools. Because of this, many developers have created tons of tools for them that work very well. There are many system programs and utilities for Android. You can do a whole bunch of things with Android.

Apps are useful for many reasons. It shows when applications are using the data. This is useful for many things. First, those using layered data plans can see exactly where their data went. It's also useful for security purposes because you can see when apps are sending data back to their home servers.

You also get customizable data alerts, a real-time data usage graph, and other customization features. It is ideal for those with tiered data transfer plans as well as security conscious people.

Utilities allow you to manage the settings of your mobile device. Control over the productive part allows you to optimize your work, and transform your mobile device into a more useful gadget.

1 Control Center iOS 15
2 AppMgr III (App 2 SD)
4 BusyBox
5 IFTTT - automation & workflow
6 CPU X - Device & System info
7 Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage
8 Gravity Screen - On/Off
9 MacroDroid - Device Automation
10 Heads-up Notifications
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Control Center iOS 15

iOS 14 Control Center - This application allows you to simulate an iOS 14 style smartphone control center on Android phones. Allows you to instantly and comfortably manage the most useful functions of your gadget. More about the application Here is a useful application for those who have switched...
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AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

AppMgr III (App 2 SD) is a practical tool for those who are faced with the problem of insufficient internal memory on a smartphone or tablet. Allows you to transfer installed applications and programs to a removable memory card when it cannot be done using standard OS Android tools. General informat...
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CPU-Z is a highly useful and popular tool for Android devices that provides detailed information about the device's hardware. This free application is the Android version of the renowned CPU identification tool for PC. It offers a comprehensive report about your device, including the System On Chip...
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BusyBox is a free application that provides an improved installer and uninstaller. To work successfully, the program requires access to the root files of the Android OS. Supports manual input, does not require a constant Internet connection and is understandable even for a child. The source code ca...
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IFTTT - automation & workflow

IFTTT is an easy-to-use program for automating the execution of certain actions on your smartphone. To create tasks, applets are used, which the user can create independently, or "borrow" from the community. How the program works Despite the abundance of the offered possibilities and the sign...
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CPU X - Device & System info

CPU X - Device & System info is a mobile application belonging to the system category. With its help, each user will be able to find out complete information about his device and see more and more detailed characteristics. Program features In the default settings of the phone there is informa...
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Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

Disk Analyzer is a program that checks disks for free space and usage, and visually inspects files and folders, making it easy to clean up and optimize files. This software estimates the size of each folder, subfolder, and file in a folder or disk and usually creates a graphical chart that shows th...
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Gravity Screen - On/Off

Gravity Screen is an application that will automatically turn your device screen on and off at the right time. Want to know the time? Just lift the phone off the table and the program will turn on the screen for you. It will be disabled automatically, so you don't have to click on any buttons. W...
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MacroDroid - Device Automation

MacroDroid is a powerful application for automating daily activities on Android mobile phones. Contains many ready-made templates and allows users to edit them as they wish. Application Features Do you forget to turn off unnecessary functions on your smartphone and the gadget is discharged earlier...
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Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up Notifications is an application for Android mobile devices that allows you to receive convenient notifications on top of active programs. No root required for the product to work! More about the program Tired of missing important messages while playing games on your smartphone or wor...