Survival games are a sub-genre of action games focused on operating in uncharted enemy territory. In such games, users are initially provided with a minimum set of equipment and tools, their task is to collect resources, collect more tools and, of course, survive at all costs.

Many of these games are based on a generated territory or on a predetermined moment. They can often also be played online, which has a good effect on the interaction between several players in the same world. Games of this genre do not have any specific goal and often depend on actions aimed at survival at any cost, where the player must endure many difficulties.

Many survival games are provided in a first-person perspective, allowing the user to fully experience the game. There are also third-person and side-view games.

Prominent representatives of this category are: MainOraft 2D-Survival Craft - in this survival game, the player has to extract resources, create various items in order to survive in the wild world; Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is a popular PC game now on Android. In it, the player plays as a scientist in a wild environment full of magic, strangeness and danger; Last Day on Earth: Survival - This game requires you to play as one of the few remaining characters on Earth. The player will have to decide the fate of mankind.

Similar to this category are Role Playing Games , Adventure and Action Games .

Survival games are rapidly gaining their popularity. They are perfect for lovers of thrills and adrenaline.

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Granny is a thrilling and suspense-filled game available for Android users. The game is designed to test your stealth and strategic skills as you navigate through a creepy old house, trying to escape from the clutches of the eerie Granny. The game is filled with heart-stopping moments and unexpecte...
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Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad

Raft Survival is an addicting survival game in which the player must survive on a raft. Game Features In this game, the player will have to stay alive, defeating all enemies, use all objects and various types of weapons. The game is perfect for fans of RPG games and shooters. In addition, the...
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Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a multiplayer horror game for Android in which a killer hunts four friends stuck in an abandoned house. A 4 vs 1 game in which you can play as a survivor or a maniac: some like to tickle their nerves while running away from a ruthless monster, while others like it in the s...
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Last Day on Earth: Survival

Do you want to find yourself in the distant year 2027, when an epidemic and an unknown infection have already begun to do their job? Then this bright game is for you. In the distant future, an epidemic will await you, a new virus will turn out to be dangerous, rapidly spreading, and the future of hu...
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Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Westland Survival is an exciting game adapted for the Android platform. In it you will act as a cowboy on the prairies of the Wild West. You need to explore the lands of the Great Plains, fight robbers, trade with the Indians, set traps at your ranch and arrange firefights with other players. The g...
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Survival & Craft: Multiplayer

Survival on raft is a free survival game. The main character of the shipwreck field is the only one who survived. Now he has to fight the water element and its inhabitants. Upgrade your raft, get food and explore the world in the hope of finding a safe island. Download the game to your Android from...
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Day R Survival: Last Survivor

The popular post-apocalyptic game Day R Survival takes place on the lands of the post-nuclear USSR. The application works on the platforms of the Android and iOS systems. In this addicting survival RPG, the real stalker will definitely experience hardcore and try to survive in the "Just like in life...
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Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two is a first-person horror movie for a children's audience for smartphones with Android OS. The game continues the events of the first part, in which it was necessary to escape from the house of the evil grandmother before 5 in-game days pass. The second part was created on the sam...
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The Wolf

The Wolf is an amazing simulator of the life of a wolf in the wild. Fight online with other players, attack herbivores, run away from bears, try not to bleed and increase the character's experience. The game is a mixture of the best survival simulator and RPG. Download the application to your Andro...
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Five Nights with Froggy

Do you like horror films and fairy tales? If so, you will love the addicting horror game Five Nights with Froggy: Tales Can Become Horror. This action game will not leave indifferent either teenagers or adults. A pleasant time, when you have to think, and solve riddles, and go through difficult mome...