Screen recording

This section is worth a visit for people who actively work with video files, especially those who shoot training or game videos on smartphones. Gaming on phones has been competing with PC gaming for a long time, and therefore there are a huge number of applications created for recording videos on smartphones in excellent quality, the best of which are presented in this catalog.

But it is important to understand that the functionality of such applications is not limited to shooting videos. In many cases, the programs also have the ability to process the footage. Some applications have features: overlay music, attach special effects and emoticons, adjust the length of the video track. Agree that if you work on shooting video and editing in the same application, it will take much less time to create one full-fledged video.

In addition to recording video, the user can conduct online broadcasts using many programs. You can check the availability of this feature in the description of each application in the catalog.

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Screen Recorder - No Ads

Screen Recorder - No Ads is a utility app to record mobile screen and sound. The program is completely free and does not contain ads, and internal purchases are only voluntary donations, without revealing additional features. The options for using the program are endless: during the period of dista...
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Screen Recorder Video Recorder

Screen Recorder: capture video from the screen, V recorder is a high-quality program for mobile phones based on Android, designed to record video from the screen. It may seem that such a feature has long been built into the Android operating system itself, but in reality it is not. A huge number of...
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Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is an application that allows you to connect your Android device to your computer in order to display everything that happens on your phone on the monitor. Thus, you can control any processes and user activities. This function is the most important, however, not the only one that makes t...
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Screen Recorder - AZ Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder app, as the name suggests, allows you to record your mobile phone screen in HD quality. This Screen Recorder app does NOT require root access and has no time limit. It records with no watermarks, no ads, and is very easy to use with one click to start and stop screen recording....
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Mobizen Recorder for Samsung

Mobizen Screen Recorder (SAMSUNG) is an application that allows you to record screen. With its help, a variety of video content is created. This application is chosen by the most venerable authors of popular videos. About one million videos are created daily by Mobizen. Using the application, you ca...
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Screen Recorder: Facecam Audio

Screen Recorder is a functional program designed to record video from the screen of Android phones. Perfect for creating high-quality game videos, and thanks to the ability to record from the camera and microphone of the gadget, it will help you create reviews and conduct online broadcasts. Your as...
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Screen Recorder+Video Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is a program that lives up to its name. It is designed to capture video from the screens of Android mobile devices. Has no time limit, does not apply watermarks and does not require RTH. A few words about Super Screen Recorder Here is an application for recording video f...
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Screen Recorder

Screen Capture is a modern application for the Android platform. It allows you to capture your smartphone screen and record video. And for ease of use, the program allows you to change the image quality or sound clarity in accordance with the capabilities of your device. The application can be down...
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Screen Recorder GU Recorder

Screen Recorder with sound is a program designed to record games, movies, video broadcasts and any other videos from the screen of Android smartphones. The main distinguishing feature of this product is the function of recording videos with sound, in high quality. What is Screen Recorder with so...
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Mobizen Screen Recorder for LG

Mobizen Screen Recorder (LG) is a special version of the program for recording video from the screens of mobile devices, developed for smartphones from LG. With this program, you can quickly and effortlessly capture video from your home screen or while running third-party programs and games. Fea...