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Pets (Tamagotchi)

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Remember Tamagotchi? The cute little virtual pets we kept on our key chains as kids? They were a lot of fun to take care of, especially if the parents did not allow to keep a real pet in the house. Of course, it was quite annoying when you had to clean up after him at three in the morning, but sometimes this happens with a real mischievous cat, so it only added to the experience.

Well, Tamagotchi toys are making a comeback now, but not many people, whether kids or adults, would like to have a separate device to carry around just to have a virtual pet.

Fortunately, there are many options for games and applications for our smartphones. Most of them are also much more complex, both in terms of gameplay and graphics, than the old greyscale aliens we took care of years ago.

You will need to feed him, play with your pet regularly, give him baths and brush his teeth, just so you can keep the little animal happy and growing.

Many games also have a home setting, so you can buy various decorations and furniture to play with pets or try to eat in exchange for the coins you get by playing mini games.

In most virtual pet games, you will need coins to buy food and entertainment for your pet.