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Password managers

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Password storage apps make it easy and simple to manage all your online passwords in a safe and secure way.

Most of us have dozens of online accounts, and it's very easy to get into the habit of reusing the same password for multiple sites. This may be convenient, but it also leaves us in real danger; if just one of these sites is compromised, all your accounts will be at risk.

A good password storage app will not only save you from having to remember dozens of different logins for all your online accounts, but it will also help you keep them safe by generating strong, unguessable passwords and storing them securely in an encrypted vault.

Applications are able to save passwords for one device. The programs help to store logins of up to 50 accounts at the same time in a secure storage with multi-factor authentication. They can also store all kinds of information and automatically fill out forms with shipping addresses and contact details.

The app not only allows you to sync all your passwords across all your devices, but also monitors for data breaches and sends you personalized alerts. There is also secure file storage and even a VPN for more secure web browsing over Wi-Fi hotspots.