Ninja games

This category contains the best adventure and role-playing games for smartphones and tablets on the Android operating system. Users will be able to choose different games and play on behalf of the legendary ninja warriors.

The category contains such popular games as: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends, Ninja Arashi 2, Yurei Ninja Classic, and many other applications. All games presented in the category are absolutely free and are characterized by an interesting gameplay.

Ninja games are well suited for players who like beautiful graphics, intense gameplay and play as a character with various martial arts, as well as melee weapons.

Here you will find only the best games that are in the popular rating and have proven themselves to be of high quality and reliable. Now almost everyone can feel like a ninja.

Intense gameplay and a large number of locations contribute to greater immersion in the world of games! In the category you will find various game plots and unique characters, as well as a lot of functionality.

1 Ninja Arashi 2
3 Ninja Turtles: Legends
4 Ninja Arashi
5 Ninja warrior: legend of adven
6 Ninja’s Creed:3D Shooting Game
7 League of Stickman Free- Shado
8 Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow
9 Yurei Ninja Classic
10 Ninja Raiden Revenge
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Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja Arashi 2 is a sequel to the game about the legendary ninja Arashi. Finally, you managed to escape from captivity in the ice dungeon created by the demon Dosu and you rush in pursuit of the villain who has kidnapped your son. Improved gameplay and new barriers The second part of the game abou...
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NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE is a 3D game based on the Naruto manga and anime. In it, you have to develop a shinobi village and defend it from enemy attacks. Tired of playing defense? Then try attacking other players' fortresses. Learn more about NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE In this game, you wi...
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Ninja Turtles: Legends

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends is a fairly new cult RPG that provides a unique opportunity. Every player who has managed to download a software product for free onto a personal portable gadget will have to face numerous dangerous killers, thieves and fraudsters, who could be seen watching thei...
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Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is a mobile game that combines platforming and RPG elements. In it, you have to help the legendary ninja Arashi to save his kidnapped son, bypassing all kinds of traps and fighting numerous opponents. A few words about Ninja Arashi According to the plot of the game, the villain O...
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Ninja warrior: legend of adven

Ninja Warrior is a fun mobile platformer in which you control a real ninja. Your task is to destroy deadly opponents and rescue the hostages they have taken. About Ninja Warrior If you love platformer and ninja games, this app is sure to suit your taste. Here, you will control a legendary nin...
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Ninja’s Creed:3D Shooting Game

Ninja Creed is a free 3D game in which you have to secretly eliminate mafia leaders and entire gangs using a variety of weapons and tricks of a real ninja. 3D ninja sniper game If you love mobile sniper games, you will surely love this app. Unlike other representatives of the genre, sniper ri...
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League of Stickman Free- Shado

League of Stickman Free is a fun mobile action game that puts you in a hostile shadow world. Here, you have to collect to fight with countless hordes of demons. A few words about League of Stickman Free Here is an exciting mobile game in which you will fight a whole army of demons in a myster...
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Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow

Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow is a game that belongs to the arcade category and is specially designed for devices running on the android operating system. It will tell the story of a ninja traveling at night. Game Features The main character will have to show all his qualities and dexterity here....
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Yurei Ninja Classic

Yurei Ninja Classic is a fun mobile runner in which you have to help a resurrected ninja get to his main enemy: an evil samurai in order to take revenge. A few words about Yurei Ninja Classic This is an unusual mobile runner. Unlike other games in the genre, here you have to not only avoid co...
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Ninja Raiden Revenge

Ninja Raiden Revenge is a fast-paced mobile game that combines platform, RPG, puzzle and slasher elements. In it, you have to help the last surviving ninja from the Ancient Wind, defeat the demon Orochi, who came to destroy our world. Ninja Raiden Revenge Brief Overview According to the plot...