Screen Lockers (Lockers)

When users look for various lock screen apps, they want to get as many features as possible from them. There are quite a few pretty useful apps on the app store for this, and whoever downloads these lock screen apps will get something that does everything they need and also allows you to customize the lock to your liking.

These apps are great for personal security because some lock screen apps are not as secure as others.

Here are only the best lock screen apps for Android device. Users can try them in action and get better functionality, unlock their phone with great pleasure.

These lock screen apps can make things a lot easier for users. All these applications are free and safe.

Also, many applications include many features and are quite easy to use. No need to rush and decide which app is the best to use for security by looking at the apps in this category.

1 Lock Screen iOS 15
2 LockScreen Phone-Notification
3 Lock screen(live wallpaper)
4 Volume Unlock
5 LockScreen Phone XS - Notification
6 Lollipop Lockscreen Android L
7 Touch Lock - screen lock
8 Black Hole - Lock screen
9 Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock
10 iNotify - iOS Lock Screen
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Lock Screen iOS 15

Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 14 is an app that helps you personalize your lock screen and maximize your collected notifications. With it, you can create a lock screen design to your liking and organize a stylish interface. If no notifications appear, you need to restart your phone. Widgets c...
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LockScreen Phone-Notification

LockScreen Phone-Notification is a free widget from the developers of Roymam, made specifically for smartphones based on the Android operating system. You can download the application from the official store for Android devices - Play Market. This application will help solve such problems on Androi...
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Lock screen(live wallpaper)

Lock screen (live wallpaper) is a mobile phone app to give your lock screen a magical and unique look. Choose your favorite live wallpapers with an animated effect, change the way you unlock the screen, display the received notifications on the lock screen in the most convenient format. And all this...
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Volume Unlock

Volume Unlock Power - the free and paid version of the application locks / unlocks the screen by shaking the device in the hands. If, for a long time, the phone is used, then the power button and volume control gradually fail. There is a big problem with this button; without it, the device's perform...
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LockScreen Phone XS - Notification

LockScreen Phone XS - Notification is a mobile gadget application that allows you to personalize your lock screen. The user can group icons and notifications. Thus, you can easily manage the notifications coming to your phone or tablet. Application functions This is a carefully designed softw...
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Lollipop Lockscreen Android L

Lollipop LockScreen is an application that allows you to change the appearance of your device's lock screen. Suggests to design it in the style of Android Lollipop. A few words about the program Don't you like the design of the lock screen on your gadget? Then we recommend downloading the Lol...
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Touch Lock - screen lock

Touch Lock is a small program that will help you avoid accidental taps on your phone screen. It will help to make the use of a smartphone more comfortable in transport, with pain in the arms, people with tremors, and in other cases. What is the Touch Lock program for The only purpose of this...
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Black Hole - Lock screen

"Black Hole - Lock Screen" is an application with which you can replace your familiar system lock screen with a new one. The tool allows you to set the image of a black hole as wallpaper, display information about notifications, add data from the calendar and configure device protection. Feature...
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Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is a handy, easy-to-use alarm that has been designed for users of the Android operating system. It provides the device with maximum security and is ideal for those who want to keep their personal data confidential. What is Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock for? Alarm Anti The...
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iNotify - iOS Lock Screen

iNotify - iOS Lock Screen and Notification is a free Android app. After installation, settings, images and functionality resembles iOS. A program with great features, interesting functionality. Downloading, installation is free. Nice and easy to learn interface. Features and description of the appli...