Games for kids

Games for children on Android are games that focus primarily on the younger age category of users.

Advantages and positive aspects of such games for children:

An example would be games that help in learning letters, numbers, getting to know different types of animals, learning the names of colors, and so on.

An excellent addition to games for children will be such genres as: puzzles, music, board, educational.

The best games for children are Developing games for children 6-8 , Children's phone (help in the overall development of the child), Sand Balls , Color Fill 3d (develop logical thinking in children), Tiles Hop , Dancing Road (help reveal musical talent), Happy Color , Chess (contribute to the development of non-standard thinking, intuition of the child), Brain Out , My Farm (they will teach many useful things to the child, which will definitely come in handy in life) and many others.

1 My Talking Angela
2 Angry Birds 2
3 Car Simulator 2
4 My Talking Tom Friends
5 Talking Tom Hero Dash
6 Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir
7 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures
8 Gymnastics Superstar Star Girl
9 WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim
10 Magic Tiles 3
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My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is a new installment in a series of games from Outfit7, which previously released hits like My Talking Tom and My Talking Hank. After the cute male cats, the turn finally came to the cute cat Angela, who no less needs your care, affection and care. Your task is to help raise from a...
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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 for Android is a thrilling game that has captivated millions of players worldwide. This free-to-play game offers an exciting slingshot adventure where you can team up with friends, climb leaderboards, join clans, and participate in fun events in all-new game modes. The game allows you...
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Car Simulator 2

Realistic, dynamic, suitable for devices with Android OS, just what you need for a completely immersive gameplay. You will plunge into the exciting world of night racing, feel all the delights of the automotive culture. More than two dozen cars of various brands, including domestic ones, completely...
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My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a brand new game from the developer of popular games like My Talking Tom, My Talking Hank and many other casual entertainment. The essence of the game is very simple, you need to take care of your pets and take care of them. Nothing has changed in this game. However, unlike...
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Talking Tom Hero Dash

Talking Tom Hero Chase is an exciting runner-style game that can be installed on any phone running Android version 4.0.1 and higher. The action game is a sequel to the franchise that appeared in 2010. At its core, the game is an endless battle of a gang of raccoons against Tom and his super friends....
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Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

Lady Bug and Super Cat is a game based on the popular runner animated series of the same name, in which you have to marvel at the fascinating world of Parisian adventures. Save the city together with the main characters: supervillains want to destroy the city, and only you can wash it out! You will...
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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is an exciting game for Android that allows you to create your very own Barbie DreamHouse experience. This game is packed with a variety of fun activities such as baking, cooking, dancing, makeovers, home design, fashion, nail salon, hair salon, mini games, epic pool par...
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Gymnastics Superstar Star Girl

"Gymnast: gold is just around the corner" is an application in the genre of a simulator. Players can feel like gymnasts and become champions in this sport. Game plot The plot is based on the life of gymnasts. Users will have to go through an interesting path filled with many trainings, compet...
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WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim

Super WorldBox is an application to simulate the work of God on Earth on your phone or tablet. This is a free sandbox game in which you can create, create life and watch it develop. Populate the world with animals, fabulous and magical creatures, watch how they flourish and interact with each other....
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Magic Tiles 3

Experience the joy of capturing the rhythm of your favorite tunes with Magic Tiles 3, a captivating game for Android. This game offers a unique way to enjoy your favorite songs, transforming them into a thrilling, interactive experience. With Magic Tiles 3, you can truly music your soul! Game Rules...