Apps for kids

Sometimes parents find it difficult to keep their children busy, especially when there are no classes at school. Usually children reach for their tablets, smartphones or other electronic devices they play with when they have nothing to do.

But sometimes it can be difficult for parents to determine which apps are worth downloading for their child, let alone which ones are safe and convenient for them.

This category contains only the best and safe games for children with which they will be interested in spending their free time. A large number of applications will help the child develop, some will just help you relax.

Whether your child is in preschool or high school, this list has fun, educational, and even free apps for them, whatever they're interested in.

In order for the child to start playing these fun games, you just need to take an Android device, download the application and give it to him.

1 app logo Fun Learning Games

Download is a virtual English tutor to help your kids learn. Playing with the robot Buddy, the child will learn the most important words in a foreign language and learn how to pronounce them correctly. And thanks to the presence of interesting videos, children will be able to consolidate their knowl...
2 app logo

Babyphone game Numbers Animals

Children's phone is a fun application that will be interesting for preschool children from 1 year old. With its help, the child will be able to more easily learn new animals, hear their characteristic sounds, and also get acquainted with numbers. The application can be downloaded for free. Spend...
3 app logo

Kids Astronomy by Star Walk 2

Astronomy for Kids by Star Walk is an educational app for the little ones. With its help, children will learn a lot of interesting things about space and the objects in it. The program will answer all your questions. To make your kid start exploring space right now, download the application for you...
4 app logo

Numbers for kid Learn to count

The application allows young children to learn how to count from one to ten. You can download the application on Android for free. Playful learning process The application is designed in such a way that children learn information better in a playful way. The game is designed in such a way that the c...
5 app logo

Babyphone & tablet: baby games

Children's phone, tablet is an application from the educational category, designed for the development of a child. It is perfect for toddlers and preschool children. In it you can draw, write, learn shapes, colors, sounds and more. Application Features All sounds and calls are recorded in the...
6 app logo

Reading Academy! Learn to Read

Super NUMBERS for kids is an interesting and fun educational game for kids. It will help you learn numbers and learn to count in both Russian and English. A simple and fun introduction to numbers Looking for a way to teach children to count in Russian or English? Then this application will su...
7 app logo

Baby Games: Shapes and Colors

Preschool Learning is a set of educational mini-games for children from 2 to 4 years old. With this application, your children will gain new useful knowledge and improve their skills in a fun way. Application with educational games for children In the latest version of the application, you wi...
8 app logo

English for Kids Learning game

English for kids Fixies is an application that allows you to learn English words together with your favorite characters. The utility is designed for children aged 5 and over. Here you can find full-fledged voice acting of tasks and characters, colorful graphics and rich animation. As for the interfa...
9 app logo

3/9 Kingdom - kid's magazine, interactive comics

3/9 kingdom is an interactive children's magazine where you can go on a journey with their heroes while reading new fairy tales. Russian folklore is closely intertwined with modern realities, and the child will not get bored with the application. And how is it possible, when, among the usual mysteri...
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Little Piano

Little Piano - This game will help children develop their musical skills in a playful way, using the fun on-screen piano. Educational music game for the little ones This application will help children learn to play musical instruments. In the latest version of the program, your child can play...