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Flashlight apps for Android are handy, simple and easy to use apps for your phone.

These mobile flashlights are free apps. They are understandable to absolutely everyone, have a simple design and are easy to use for Android.

These apps use the camera's built-in LED flash and also provide the brightest possible light. These programs contain alternative lighting.

If the device has a built-in flashlight, there will be no problems using these applications. User can use white screen mode for light in dark room.

Mobile flashlight applications are very useful and necessary programs for every phone. They contain a very bright light, have a quick program launch, brightness settings can be adjusted for each individual user, color screens with music and many other interesting features can be present in applications. After using flashlight apps, every user will be satisfied with their performance.

You can download these applications right now and use a flashlight, evaluate the work of programs and share your impressions of their work with friends.