With the development of the Internet, most users are faced with some troubles associated with a permanent ban and leakage of personal data. Here they understand that it is necessary to constantly save personal passwords so that they can be changed in a timely manner. If in the early 2000s, network users could get by with just an email address, at the moment there are several accounts registered for one person.

What else can be protected with encryption?

There are many different ways to save personal data. Naturally, this cannot protect:

  1. Bank card numbers;
  2. Personal account of electronic wallets;
  3. Data used during the use of the card in payment systems. To remember the entered information and remember everything for a long time, you need to have the brain of a real Nobel laureate, but it is better to use an encryption application.

In our selection, we have included the best options for services that offer the best encryption method. It is intended for popular Android operating systems. Suitable for linking to personal information.

1 Secure Folder
2 LOCKED Secret Photo Vault
3 VIPole
4 Criptext Secure Email
5 Tutanota - Encrypted Email
6 mobile privacy
7 Global VPN - Fast VPN Proxy
8 OpenKeychain: Easy PGP
9 - Super Simple VPN
10 Crypto - Encryption Tools
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Secure Folder

Secure Folder is a free app for Samsung phone owners. With it, you can be sure of the safety of your applications, personal data and other files. What Samsung Secure Folder is for Thanks to this application, you can easily create a securely encrypted storage for any files. In just a few taps, add...
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LOCKED Secret Photo Vault

LOCKED - this application will create your private encrypted space on your phone to securely store any of your photos, videos and other important files. Your personal mobile safe for important files Using the LOCKED program, you can quickly and effortlessly create a secret album on your smartphone...
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VIPole is an instant messaging program that provides a high level of protection of transmitted data from interception, as well as strong encryption of user messages. More about VIPole application Thanks to this application, you will not only stay in touch with your friends, but also provide unsurpas...
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Criptext Secure Email

Criptext is a secure email service mobile application. Securely protect the history of your correspondence with friends or colleagues using end-to-end encryption, as well as provide maximum ease in working with mail. Why is Criptext useful? Here is a mobile application of the e-mail service of the s...
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Tutanota - Encrypted Email

Tutanota is a free and open source email application. It boasts not only a convenient and pleasant interface, but also reliable data encryption for maximum protection of the confidentiality of your correspondence. Secure Mobile Email Client Here is an easy-to-use and convenient email client i...
6 app logo mobile privacy

Phantom is a powerful program for comprehensive online privacy protection. Provides the user with access to all the tools necessary to reliably protect personal data online. Free program for those who value anonymity on the Internet In this application, you will find all the features and tool...
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Global VPN - Fast VPN Proxy

Global- Fast VPN Proxy Servers is an application for those who care about their network security, but do not want to put up with a decrease in speed when working through a VPN. What is the Global VPN program for?< /h2> If you are looking for a way to securely and securely protect yourself and your p...
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OpenKeychain: Easy PGP

OpenKeychain - this application will help you protect the privacy of your correspondence with family and friends. Uses the OpenPGP standard to protect and encrypt messages transmitted over the Internet. Learn more about the OpenKeychain app If you are worried about the privacy of your communi...
9 app logo - Super Simple VPN

Download is a functional and secure VPN client for Android smartphones and tablets. It will help to reliably protect your personal data and anonymity on the network, even when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Comprehensive protection for your online data This application will become a reliable...
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Crypto - Encryption Tools

Crypto is a unique cryptographic application that offers the user many useful tools for encrypting text, files, etc. Perfect for both its intended use and for testing and training. What the Crypto Program offers Strong encryption. Hashing. Encoding and decoding. Support for math functions. Secure k...