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With the development of the Internet, most users are faced with some troubles associated with a permanent ban and leakage of personal data. Here they understand that it is necessary to constantly save personal passwords so that they can be changed in a timely manner. If in the early 2000s, network users could get by with just an email address, at the moment there are several accounts registered for one person.

What else can be protected with encryption?

There are many different ways to save personal data. Naturally, this cannot protect:

  1. Bank card numbers;
  2. Personal account of electronic wallets;
  3. Data used during the use of the card in payment systems. To remember the entered information and remember everything for a long time, you need to have the brain of a real Nobel laureate, but it is better to use an encryption application.

In our selection, we have included the best options for services that offer the best encryption method. It is intended for popular Android operating systems. Suitable for linking to personal information.