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E-mail is one of the reliable email assistants that are designed specifically for devices on the Android operating system. The category contains only applications with reliable protection of your smartphone from intrusive spam and virus programs.

Here you will find such well-known mail applications as: Yandex.Mail, Gmail, Mail and many other programs. All applications have the necessary functions for sorting letters into categories and automatic updating.

In addition, E-mail programs have simple and convenient functionality, as well as a high rate of performance. You can be sure that any letter that will be sent to your device will arrive on time in the form of an appropriate notification.

Thanks to the ability to customize mail, this allows you to highlight important points in the program and remove distractions. Also in applications there is the possibility of choosing a theme, which helps to choose a comfortable design for the eyes.

All E-mail works offline, so, for example, you can find the information you need even if you do not have a network connection. Install E-mail on your smartphone and use it for work or personal purposes!