Keeping a calendar can change everyone's life. The calendar will save him from missing important meetings and events, as well as make life less hectic and more comfortable.

In addition, having all the important meetings of a person on the calendar frees up his brain to work on more important tasks and goals.

Applications that are available are much simpler, more convenient and easier to manage than paper ones. However, there are many calendar apps out there. Of all the proposed calendar applications, the user can choose exactly the one that he likes.

There are quite a few of the best calendar apps in this category. Users can choose apps that give them full control over their processes, or they just want a simple calendar that's comfortable and easy to use.

Applications are absolutely free, contain a minimum of ads and do not take up much space.

1 Google Calendar
2 Business Calendar 2 Planner
3 DigiCal Calendar Agenda
4 TickTick:To-do list & Tasks
5 aCalendar - your calendar
6 Calendar Widget Month + Agenda
7 WeNote: Notes Notebook Notepad
8 Boxer - Workspace ONE
9 Business Calendar
10 Nine - Email & Calendar
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Google Calendar

Google Календарь is the official calendar app from Google, designed specifically for Android phones and tablets. As part of the Google Workspace, this app is designed to help you save time and make the most of every day. It's more than just a simple calendar; it's a comprehensive tool that helps yo...
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Business Calendar 2 Planner

Business Calendar 2 is a handy calendar with the ability to plan things for Android. It has everything you need for a clear overview of appointments with ease of use and the ability to set reminders for important things and events. It can be synced with Google Calendar and Outlook. This application...
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DigiCal Calendar Agenda

Digical is a specially designed and unique application that includes a calendar widget. A distinctive feature is considered to be synchronization with personal notes of users in a Google account. To download for free to your personal phone running Android, it is advisable to use trusted sources....
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TickTick:To-do list & Tasks

TickTick is an organizer that can change your life for the better. It opens the door to scheduling, focusing on what's important, managing time efficiently, organizing life, and more. If you realize that you need to change your life, and you begin to notice more often that you are distracted fro...
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aCalendar - your calendar

aCalendar is a handy mobile calendar for smartphones that boasts intuitive navigation, modern design and rich customization options. Provides support for a number of functions that will make managing your upcoming tasks much easier and more convenient. Main features of the application: Intui...
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Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

Calendar Widget is a handy application for the Android platform. It allows you to simultaneously keep track of the dates in the calendar and mark the tasks scheduled for today. The application has simple controls and easy parameter settings, as well as a beautiful design. The application can be dow...
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WeNote: Notes Notebook Notepad

WeNote is a handy note-taking and scheduling app for Android. It allows you to take notes, set reminders, create notes and tasks. The PIN code will help keep them from prying eyes and protect important information. The ability to write down everything you need makes this application the best notepa...
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Boxer - Workspace ONE

For really business and busy people, we can offer the Boxer Workspace ONE application, with which you can organize intelligent tools for working with e-mail, scheduling, contacts, etc. Moreover, all this can be quickly adjusted to suit your individual style of work. Workspace ONE Boxer Pros and Fea...
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Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a daily planner for Android. Its versatility allows you to plan not only the day, but also the week, month and even year. Convenient interface, ease of use are also significant advantages of this application. It helps you be productive and get things done. Advantages of the appl...
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Nine - Email & Calendar

Nine - Email & Calendar is a useful application adapted for the Android platform. It allows you to more effectively use e-mail to exchange messages between colleagues and friends. At the same time, the list of contacts, calendar and notes will be placed in a stylish and convenient format, which wil...