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When you buy an expensive mobile phone or tablet, it's reasonable to ask if it's really as powerful as it claims to be. Nowadays, many budget mobile phones have almost the same features as high-end ones.

There are many test apps for android that can measure the real performance of any device. These apps do various tests on the user interface, CPU and more, and give you detailed evaluations of your mobile phone's performance. However, you can use these applications to compare the capabilities of different devices, if necessary. All test results are easy to understand even if you don't know anything about the hardware.

The apps give you the latest CPU testing methods so you can be sure you get accurate results. These tests simulate real tasks and applications on your device and can give you single and multi-core results. Applications can also evaluate the potential of your gadget and its processor. That being said, the latest version of the app also covers volcano tests that can measure computing power.