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Arkanoid-type games

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The first Arkanoids appeared more than 30 years ago, but despite the development of games, thousands of users regularly choose the classic version. Moreover, manufacturers regularly delight with new games in the Arkanoid genre. Arkanoids always occupy a leading place in the top games.

Despite the wide variety of design and the main theme, the meaning always remains the same. The game has several blocks that you need to break with a ball. In some games, the ball is hit by a racket, and in others by a block. The execution may change, but the plot never. Many games provide bonuses for breaking blocks, such as slowing down, or moving to the next level. As a rule, the game is made in a bright and colorful design to increase the interest of the game.

Despite the simple plot, Arkanoids really attract. During the game, the feed rate can increase so that the user can experience the full dynamics of the gameplay.

Many manufacturers release games that are designed specifically for a certain category of people.

Arkanoids can give unforgettable moments. Adrenaline just rolls over, and I want to continue the game.