Access control

A personal modern phone is a direct path to a vast world where almost everything is available. The virtual world can only seem harmless in appearance. Protecting children from harmful information, or even restricting oneself from visiting the virtual world, is possible only thanks to a special service. To do this, you will need to set parental controls. Today, the development of such things is considered commonplace.

How to solve the problem with setting control on Android?

At any time, network users can install an application on their device that will block any harmful portals. Moreover, users can:

  1. Do not worry about the security of online activities;
  2. You can establish full control over the actions of the child on the Internet;
  3. The application has a large number of functions, which makes it easy to use the program even for beginners.

The service has all the necessary advantages that are necessary to install the desired encryption on any mobile device with the Android operating system. Get access to your credentials only by including a few personal codes to it, which blocks access to unauthorized users.

1 Nash dom
2 Мой Дом - Электронный город
3 РосДомофон твой умный дом
4 A-Access
5 D-keys
6 Мастер Ключ
7 Мои Парковки
8 Мой Пропуск
9 Robox.Cloud - Облачная СКУД
10 Ростелеком Ключ
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Nash dom

Sputnik: Smart Home is a free mobile application for remote control of Sputnik intercoms. Allows you to receive calls from the intercom and open doors without using a key. What is the Sputnik: Smart Home program for? As it is easy to understand from the name of the application, it is intended for...
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Мой Дом - Электронный город

My Home - Electronic City is a mobile application for users of smart intercoms from Novotelecom ("Electronic City") in Novosibirsk. It is designed for remote control of the intercom and allows you to let guests in without leaving the couch. How My Home App Works Thanks to this application, you wil...
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РосДомофон твой умный дом

RosDomofon - this application will make managing smart intercoms even easier and safer. Allows you to answer intercom calls directly from your smartphone screen. What opportunities does RosDomofon application provide? Thanks to the latest version of this application, you will receive calls from th...
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A-Access is a program that will allow you to create electronic passes for access to offices, housing estates, cottage settlements and other objects. More about the application Here is a useful application for housing estates, offices, cottages and other objects that have access control. Thank...
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D-Keys is a program for remote control of an intercom. Allows you to open an entrance door or a gate by pressing just one button on the screen of your phone. The most simple remote control of the intercom With this program, you do not have to use the keys from the intercom. You can open the door u...
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Мастер Ключ

Master Key is an application from Rostelecom designed to comfortably control access to the territory of a residential complex from the phone screen. What is the Master Key program and what is it for Here is an easy-to-use application for monitoring the territory of your residential complex. With it,...
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Мои Парковки

My Parking is a mobile application that will help you enter paid parking lots and pay for parking your car, in automatic mode. The service is available for residents and guests of Novosibirsk. How My Parking Lot Works This application is intended for motorists from Novosibirsk. Here you can i...
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Мой Пропуск

My Pass is a program that will help to significantly reduce the time required for issuing passes for employees and visitors to enter a particular facility. Request and issue site passes from your smartphone screen This application can be used in office buildings, business centers, housing estates...
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Robox.Cloud - Облачная СКУД

Robox is a mobile application for remote control of doors, turnstiles and barriers from your phone screen. It has an intuitive interface in Russian and allows you to add several objects at once for further management. A few words about Robox program Here is the official mobile application for...
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Ростелеком Ключ

Rostelecom Key is an application for controlling a gate, intercom and viewing cameras on the territory of your residential complex, right from the phone screen. What is the Rostelecom Key program for? Here is an application for Rostelecom subscribers designed to control access to the territory of...