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Category: Tools

Размер: 1.4 MB

Updated: 20.06.2020

Developer: FaMe IT

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Ultimate Rotation Control is a unique application on the Android platform. It rotates the screen based on the degree of tilt of your device. The standard firmware on your mobile device did not fully provide this functionality. To take advantage of the improved screen rotation function, download the app from our website. It is free and contains no malicious files.

Features of the program

"Ultimate Rotation Control" allows your device to support landscape, portrait and intermediate orientations. The standard screen controller was sometimes buggy and did not perform the required functions. This made it difficult to use the smartphone to its fullest, and sometimes the inability to use some programs. From this moment, the system automatically detects the tilt angle and adjusts the screen to it. This is the first feature. Second, this application now has a blocking tool. Now the position of the screen can be "frozen". To do this, just click on the tray icon. Also, in the settings, you can remove this icon, and instead select a position on the screen by clicking on which, the position of the screen is locked. There are 2 main options to choose from: landscape and portrait orientations. But locking also works with reverse orientations. For example, with the screen turning upside down. For these three modes, the program allows you to create shortcuts. This is much more convenient than constantly going into the settings and manually choosing the position at which the screen will be locked. The third feature is responsible for the forced automatic rotation. This is rarely needed and is therefore hardly used. The fourth feature will be the creation of widgets. They are needed for customization. With their help, you do not have to open the program, you just need to select one of them on the main screen. The fifth feature is the size of the occupied memory. "Ultimate Rotation Control" does not clog the RAM, allows you to work in the background, and also minimally affects the battery level. It can be considered that the application is simply replacing the standard function of the mobile device. In this case, the program does not need root-rights, it does not change system files, but works as an add-on to the main function of screen rotation.

Ultimate Rotation Control for downloaded 22 times. Ultimate Rotation Control is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Version History

Ultimate Rotation Control 5.17.0 (Google)
11.12.21 1.6 MB Download
Ultimate Rotation Control 6.2.7 (Google)
20.06.20 1.4 MB Download

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