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Category: Role games

Updated: 19.05.2024

Developer: DEVGAME KIDS 3+ games

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Three Cats Children's Doctor - made especially for little doctors. This fun Android mobile game allows kids to play the role of a doctor and help treat funny cats. You receive calls from patients and go to help them, collecting a first aid kit with medicines and snacks. But to get to the patients, you will have to overcome a whole obstacle course, dodging obstacles in your path. Get to your friends' houses quickly so you don't get wet or sick.

How to Prepare for Patient Care

One of the features of the game is that for each new patient you need to prepare a first aid kit and take not only medicines, but also sweets. To get to the next patient's house, sometimes you will need to face various obstacles, so you need to avoid puddles and trees in order to get there quickly and not catch a cold yourself.

The game "Three Cats Baby Doctor" has beautiful graphics and simple gameplay, which makes it attractive for children. It helps to learn about some types of diseases, treatments and other medical things, which makes it not only fun, but also educational. In the game you will find nice graphics that resemble your favorite cartoon, as well as funny cat characters. There are five patients in total - Lapochka, Sazhik, Gonya, Screw and Nudik, who can get one of six diseases, from a runny nose to a toothache. Patient diseases change daily, so you won't get bored playing this game.

Learn about diseases, treatments, and animal care

The game "Three Cats Baby Doctor" also teaches children how to take care of other living beings. They will learn how to properly feed their pet, monitor its health and give it love and care. As a result, children will learn about how to care for animals, which will help them develop empathy and empathy.

Treatment of cats takes place in the form of funny mini-games that depend on the disease. You must find out what the patient is ill with and find everything necessary for treatment in the first-aid kit. Don't forget to treat your cat to delicious tea after he feels better.

Why the game "Three Cats Baby Doctor" is a great choice for children

Three Cats Baby Doctor is a great choice for kids who want to try being a doctor and learn how to take care of living beings and learn more about how the world around us works. Fun mini-games, delicious fruit tea and the ability to treat sick pets - all this makes the game "Three Cats Baby Doctor" fun and educational for children.

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