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Surfshark VPN - Private & Safe

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Developer: Surfshark: Mobile VPN App
Categories: Tools
Android version: 5.0+
Downloads: 18
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Updated: 29.09.2023
Limitations: Everyone


Surfshark VPN is a quality application for organizing a secure Internet connection. When you run Surfshark VPN on your Android smartphone, you can count on a secure bridge between your computer and the server that Surfshark's VPN is based on. Such a connection chain allows you to hide the user's original IP address and thereby organize high-quality protection against any external interference and theft of personal data. But the main task for which this kind of program is installed is, of course, the opportunity to save a decent amount of time when visiting websites blocked in the country.

Surfshark VPN Advantages and Disadvantages

A nice feature of Surfshark VPN is the fact that you can easily download it for free on any mobile phone running the Android operating system. Among the features of the program are:

  • modern VPN protocols;
  • wide variety of server locations;
  • excellent technologies for protecting users' personal data.

This is just a small list of all the nice features that the application has. You can easily select a server at the country and even city level. It is difficult even to list all the unique features that Surfshark provides. It creates an amazing atmosphere for all those users who are interested in a unique opportunity to finally get rid of any restrictions imposed by the government or private companies. The VPN cannot be blocked.

It is worth recalling separately the masking mode that this application has. It allows you to protect you from any external influences. You can safely use VPN for high-quality HTTPS and not worry that someone in your area might start blocking VPN. One of the nThe problem with VPNs is that they can theoretically take out information presented in the DNS, or leak an IP address. But not in the case of Surfshark VPN. The developers did their best to create a quality application for use anywhere in the world.

Does the app offer more than just a VPN?

Don't think Surfshark VPN is all about internet connectivity. In fact, this program implements several interesting functions, such as the same private mail, password manager or secure Internet search. Initially, the program was developed exclusively for the desktop, like Windows and MacOS. Now users of mobile phones based on the Android operating system can take full advantage of the application. Which, of course, causes sincere delight. Because now you don't have to worry about the quality of your Internet connection, even when you are in another country.

Surfshark VPN - Private & Safe for downloaded 18 times. Surfshark VPN - Private & Safe is distributed freely in the file type .

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  • Ability to use the program for free ..
  • Use of advanced data protection technologies.
  • Bypass blocking.
  • Hiding real IP and the ability to select a server in the desired country.
  • Several devices can be connected to one account at once.


  • Automatic connection does not work.
  • Limited features in the free version.
  • The connection may be disconnected.
  • Doesn't work in some countries.
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