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Star Wars: KOTOR

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Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
Categories: Role games
Android version: 4.1+
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Updated: 24.12.2020
Limitations: Teen


Star Wars: KOTOR is an exciting game for the Android platform. It is necessary to save the galaxy from the threat of capture by formidable opponents. You need to explore different worlds in order to find all the pieces of the mysterious secret and fight with the main enemy, Darth Malak - the Lord of the Sith. The game can be downloaded for free from our website.

Game Features

In the game, you first need to choose one of three characters. Among them are: rogue, explorer and warrior. Each hero has different skills. For example, a rogue is good at picking locks and has the gift of disguise, a researcher is more inclined to know how to use computers and security terminals, and a warrior has a large supply of health and can heal without first-aid kits.

As you progress through the game, other heroes will join you. Among them there is a girl from the T'wilek race, Wookiees, droids and other people. They also have different skills and abilities.

There are two ways to create a hero. At the first, you independently select the appearance, name and other skills for the hero. The second method automatically configures the character according to the selected class.

When you reach a certain level, you will have to learn the art of the Jedi and make your own lightsaber.

Depending on the color of the blade, you can get the title of Jedi Guardian, Consul or Guardian. They affect the number of points received for using the powers.

There are over forty different Force skills in the game. Light skills carry protection or healing, while dark ones have more attacking or paralyzing modes. For example, a light "cocoon" protects against hostile strength skills, and "stasis" paralyzes the enemy and prevents them from moving for a period of time.

Along with this, it is necessary to explore various worlds. These will be: the desert Tatooine, the bottomless expanses of Manaan, the majestic forests of the Wookiee world - Kashyyyk,the world of Sikhtov - Korriban. On the planets, you need to complete various tasks that open the way to the storyline.

The transition from one world to another is carried out using a spaceship. Its name is "Ebon Hawk", in Russian subtitles it reads like "Ebon Hawk".


All actions begin on a ship called "Endar Spire" near the planet Taris. The ship is attacked by enemy forces. They try to capture the powerful Jedi, who is being torn apart by Bastila. But she makes her way to the escape pods and flies off to the planet. You, along with the remaining crew member, Kart Onasi, also have to get into the capsule and go to the planet. When you woke up, Kart told everything that he managed to learn about the planet and where to look for Bastila. This is where the storyline begins.

In addition to Taris and other worlds, you will also be taken to Dantooine. This is where you will be taught the art of the Jedi.

Along the way of development, you will learn many secrets, both of your companions and hidden in the depths of your memory.


  • Well-developed plot;
  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Character leveling and self-tuning;
  • Amazing worlds and inhabiting creatures;
  • Lots of side quests.

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