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Comments on Google play



The app works well and actually playing music usually works without a hitch. There is not a wide choice of music types, and many of them feel or sound the same or just too similar. Great concept that might eventually be a good product



The concept works great but the app stil has some major bugs. When pausing the music in background the app completely closes and the music can't be resumed without restarting the app. Streaming/casting the music to a Google home speaker (nest hub) doesn't work and makes the app crash.



Only thing is missing is the option to edit , add and remove certain elements (instruments, keys, chords & even synths) to make it more unique and copyright free and can be used by professionals and Amtures when there is mind block for more ideas.



I originally had a good review for this app, but with this new update, it is almost impossible to get a constant flow of music even on my wifi (near my router, giving me 25mbps speeds). I used to be able to stream lossless on mobile data without interruptions, but now it just decides to stop the music every 15 seconds and disrupts the mood. I don't know what the updates did, but they definitely degraded the player itself.



UPDATE: App won't let me log in with any email or FB account. I let the trial expire. But even if I wanted to give you money for a subscription, there is absolutely no way of getting past the login! It shows in red ''Cannot connect to server'' no matter how I approach attempting to log myself in. Maybe I am missing something.....hmmmm..... 🎶💙🎶 really appreciate having the privilege of playing with this app...I absolutely 💙 it



Great Experience, it does a great job at creating music. I can see this app evolving into a Spotify competitor if they introduce artificial vocals. When I first started it the music was weird. Maybe it grew on me or the like/dislike thing helped. Definitely try it for a few days.



This is a cool app if you want some background music while studying. As a producer, I'm really impressed with what the app can do. However, the melodies/rhythms generated aren't exactly gripping and most of the music sounds pretty generic. That being said, it's a pretty innovative and interesting app, it's just not for me personally.



Limited features, incessant nagging and begging to purchase and upgrade, hardly generative music, seems more like "crappy stock music changes depending on a slider or 2 after you pay 60 bucks to run this app all year even though you'll be tired of its uninspired stock music in 2 weeks." I wouldn't have been so harsh if the app wasn't so merciless in trying to get people to make a purchase around every corner. Show some tact, ffs.



Pretty good sounds once you train it. Love this for studying since there's no lyrics to distract myself with. Wish the premium wasn't so expensive or I might buy it. Definitely a first world issue, but it's hard to pay for Spotify premium and other subscriptions and Mubert's premium is pretty expensive. However, it works extremely well without premium in my experience.



It's super fun to play around with! Totally awesome, ingenuitive, creative, fresh idea! I encourage everyone to check it out, you'll be surprised how much you'll fall in love. Great app for background music while you work. The UI was a little hard to navigate at first, but it quickly became more intuitive and now I love it. I'm definitely considering subscribing for more options!


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