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Comments on Google play



Great app, perfectly minimalist. My one gripe is that there seems to be a bug which causes the analogue clock display to count down in half the time (eg in 5 minutes when you set a 10 minute timer) but this is purely cosmetic. Edit: No, it is a bug. If I set it for 1 minute the rotation takes 30 seconds and so on.



Doesn't work for me at all. It's supposed to count down the time, and make a sound at the end of the time, but it does not make a sound. Instead it puts up a message that says it can't adjust the volume of the gong, and to try manually switching off Do Not Disturb in my phone settings. Tried this various different ways (before launching the app, before setting the timer, after setting the timer) but the same thing happens. EDIT after reply: already had Total Silence selected so still no fix...



Works perfectly! I've been using this for a few months as a replacement for Headspace now I feel like I've graduated from thier guided meditation. It works perfectly for me, nice and simple, no adds and no permissions. It's very reliable as long as you don't sleep the phone. It keeps the phone silent the whole time and after until you stop it which is more than I hoped for but absolutely ideal as it lets me finish without distraction.



The gong does not reliably work. About 25% of the time I open my eyes after who knows how long to see a message saying that the app could not set gong volume, and something about the DND settings (I have them switched on). This means that I don't trust it the rest of the time, which is a distraction. In response to feedback: the real problem is the inconsistency. Since it works fine 75% of the time, most of the time I spend checking the settings will be unnecessary.



I really like the simplicity of your app! I just noticed this morning that it hadn't disabled the "do not disturb" after ending the meditation. So alarms etc were missed.. This is quite crucial to get set back to normal. Having to double check that the mode is disabled defeats the purpose. Would this be something you could have a look at, or can I provide some log to help troubleshoot?



Very straightforward, easy to use and now I don't have to end meditation with the sound of my alarm clock



Simple but exactly what I was looking for. It turns off all of your notifications while you are meditating. The only thing I wish was different. Is if you could select different sounds when the timer goes off.



No option for a gong to start meditation ? All meditations start and end with a chime or gong. Will reinstall when start sound is available.



I love this app; it is simple with the chime and can block notifications so you can focus on the practice.



simple yet beautiful app, instantly my phone turned to a sand watch.Sounds and new animations can be added in future updates. Thank you Bro.

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