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Lost droid finder

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Developer: Handy Droid Apps
Categories: Tools
Android version: 2.0+
Size: 0.3 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 19.07.2020


Lost droid finder is a tool for Android OS that will allow you to quickly find your smartphone, wherever it is.


Surely everyone at least once had to experience far from the most pleasant sensations when the smartphone suddenly “disappeared somewhere” ... You can, of course, spend time looking for it. Or you can download the Lost droid finder app. The program weighs very little, but it has rich functionality. It doesn't matter if the phone was stolen or just lost, the program will definitely help you find it quickly.

Three important options deserve attention:

  • Panic mode;
  • So called predator mode;
  • As well as SIM card protection.

The application is able to make the phone ring even if it was set to silent or vibration mode. The best option is if your smartphone is “somewhere here”, just lost in your apartment or in your purse.

Also, the application will send information about the location of the smartphone by geolocation, if it was still stolen. At the same time, this information can be officially used to contact law enforcement agencies.

Even if the attacker has installed a new SIM card on the phone, the program will read the new number and send it to the user's backup phone. If the phone has a built-in vibration sensor, pick it up when you try to pick it up - Lost droid finder will turn on panic mode.

You can flexibly control the application by sending SMS messages to it from another phone.

It is noteworthy that even during background work, the application will not aggressively consume the battery and is careful with the system resources of the smartphone. The device will not slow down its work, because the Lost droid finder can be kept constantly engaged. Otherwise, the whole point of using it is simply lost.

Installation of the application is possible only on the built-in memory of the smartphone. If installed on an externala new memory card, it simply will not start the next time you start your smartphone.

Three important modes of operation have already been mentioned above. Well, it's time to talk about them in more detail.

First, the panic mode - it turns on when an attempt is made to gain unauthorized access to the device. The corresponding sound signal turns on at the highest possible volume and sounds for three minutes. So the attacker will have a strong desire to return the phone to its place.

In predator mode, the service searches Google maps for the location of the smartphone and marks it. So you can quickly and very accurately determine the location of your smartphone.

The SIM card keeper will inform you if the user's old SIM card has been removed, and a new one is inserted in its place. Moreover, the number of the new SIM card will also be transmitted. You can call this number, but it's even better to track the owner of the new card.

To prevent an attacker from understanding that the Lost droid finder application is installed on the phone, and to disable it, the program runs in stealth mode. So the thief will never know what is being watched.

For all its rich features, Lost droid finder is offered free of charge.

Lost droid finder for downloaded 2 times. Lost droid finder is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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