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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Developer: Rockstar Games
Categories: Action
Android version: 7.0+
Size: 0 MB
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Updated: 24.07.2020
Limitations: Mature 17+


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a legendary mobile game. Of course, everyone knows GTA. And with this application, you can immerse yourself in her world from your smartphone.


The main character of this action is African American Carl Johnson. After a long absence, he returned to his hometown and saw that something was wrong here, barely getting off the plane. Trouble happened in his family - his mother was killed, and his brother and sister are in a quarrel. A crime is hanged on Karl, he falls out of favor with corrupt cops, and old friends themselves are full of troubles.

Karl will have to deal with everything that happens in the city, restore his own reputation, punish bad people and help loved ones. How he will do it is up to you! To do this, the hero will have to interact with a variety of people - and in a variety of ways. And also a lot to move around the city. Fortunately, good cars are literally on every corner.

In this version, as before, you can conscientiously complete all missions, or you can do completely different things. To have fun, in general. The storyline has been expanded compared to the PC version, as well as some possibilities. It is also possible to go through old missions. For example, there is much more choice of cars, weapons, other gadgets.

You can improve the main character by pumping his physical form; participate in a rally and just drive at a crazy speed in a car; skydive; fly in a helicopter; meet friends and have fun in nightlife.

Pros and cons

The mobile version of GTA: San Andreas has several advantages:

  • enhanced graphics adapted for mobile devices (resolution, lights, colors and character models);
  • sync saves using cloud services;
  • control with two convenient virtual joysticks;
  • three control schemes;
  • customization optionbutton headers with context display;
  • support for MoGa and some gamepads (via Bluetooth and USB);
  • the ability to customize graphics for different devices;
  • extended storyline;
  • a wide variety of vehicle controls.

There are also disadvantages:

  • age restrictions 17+ due to scenes of violence, murder, blood, profanity and drugs;
  • problems with starting the game when updating Android to version 11;
  • incompatibility with some Samsung phones.

Important! For the game to work correctly after installation, you must restart your device. You should also close all other applications before playing in order for GTA to run as smoothly as possible.

Installation and Gameplay

You can download and install the game on any device based on Android from version 7. Installation is carried out for a fee, however, further gameplay can do without cash investments. This is a personal matter for everyone. Most of the actions are available for free.

The gameplay is carried out using two analog virtual joysticks responsible for the movement and the camera. The game supports several different languages, including Russian. It will be simple and clear to everyone who has already played GTA. And for beginners it will not be difficult to figure out the controls, understand the essence of the game and enjoy the process!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for downloaded 0 times. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is distributed freely in the file type txt.

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