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Category: Action

Размер: 83.5 MB

Updated: 30.01.2023

Developer: HV Softworks

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Zombie shooting games are always fun to play. In this fps zombie shooter game, you will get a chance to kill the undead that is roaming around the city and chasing you. You have the luxury to use automatic weapons, machine guns, and a military arsenal with extra barrels of bullets in various cities and environments around the world. The world is struck with a deadly virus that is converting people into zombies and they are causing havoc globally. You have chosen to stand against shooting zombies 3d and kill them. Grab the weapon of your own choice and be ready to shoot them and kill as many zombies as you can to be crowned as the finest zombie killing games shooters in the world and become a hero of the fps zombie shooter. You have to play by the rules of zombie shooting games, and as per the rules are concerned; the rule is simply to kill every zombie which gets in your way and just bring this to justice at once.

Gameplay Modes

The gameplay consists of two modes:

  • Arena Mode: Complete all the fps zombie shooter levels one by one and fulfill the kill count as quickly as possible. The shooting zombies 3d will rush toward you and your task is to shoot them all and free the world from their curse.
  • Survival Mode: Zombies will keep coming toward you and you have to keep killing them until the last zombie is dead. Zombie killing games will keep coming from all directions, you can foresee them by using the heat map present in the gameplay.


The controls of these zombie killing games are quite exquisite and user-friendly as well. In the zombie apocalypse game, you can either zoom in and shoot or you can also shoot with wide bare eyes. For fps zombie shooter games there is also an option of auto fire to make things easier for the user to fire a maximum number of bullets and increase the kill count. Reload your gun on time so that your shooting zombies 3d time doesn't go down the drain while loading and zombies get their hands on you. The UI of the zombie shooting games is quite eye-catching and interesting as well which helps guide users in every aspect.

Main Features

  • Shooting zombies 3d games environment.
  • Effective sniper hunter controls.
  • Real-looking guns.
  • Daily quests.
  • Gameplay of age of zombies.

Now is the time to pick your shooting zombies 3d weapon and be the king of the offline zombie games world. Gather your fps zombie shooter courage and face the zombie apocalypse game with your head up to showcase your killing skills in this age of zombies. In zombie killing games try to reach the advanced levels of zombie survival games and play your part in saving the world. You have to be a master of zombie shooting games in order to rule the zombie world.

Undead Town: Horde of Zombies for downloaded 0 times. Undead Town: Horde of Zombies is distributed freely in the file type apk.

Game Undead Town: Horde of Zombies has been checked by VirusTotal antivirus. As a result of the scan, no file infections were detected by all the latest signatures.

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How to install Undead Town: Horde of Zombies

  1. Download APK file games from
  2. Locate the downloaded file. You can find it in the system tray or in the 'Download' folder using any file manager.
  3. If the file downloaded in .bin extension (WebView bug on Android 11), rename it to .apk using any file manager or try downloading the file with another browser like Chrome.
  4. Start the installation. Click on the downloaded file to start the installation
  5. Allow installation from unknown sources. If you are installing for the first time Undead Town: Horde of Zombies not from Google Play, go to your device's security settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  6. Bypass Google Play protection. If Google Play protection blocks installation of the file, tap 'More Info' → 'Install anyway' → 'OK' to continue..
  7. Complete the installation: Follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation process.

How to update Undead Town: Horde of Zombies

  1. Download the new version games from
  2. Locate the downloaded file and click on it to start the installation.
  3. Install over the old version. There is no need to uninstall the previous version.
  4. Avoid signature conflicts. If the previous version was not downloaded from, the message 'Application not installed' may appear. In this case uninstall the old version and install the new one.
  5. Restart game Undead Town: Horde of Zombies after the update.

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